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9Gauge Partners, LLC

Financial Advisory Services

The 9Gauge team ensures accurate financial record-keeping and robust reporting, easing the number-crunching complexities of your growing business.

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Finance & Business Intelligence

The 9Gauge team gives you insights and intelligence to support your decisions, providing you with greater performance understanding, predictability and better ROI.

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Transaction Advisory Services

50% of M&A transactions fail. 9Gauge’s Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) practice provides clients and partners the critical support they need throughout the M&A transaction lifecycle. We enable clients to be part of the 50% of transactions that succeed.

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  • Our firm reached out to 9Gauge to help prepare and organize information in support of our very first financial audit. As a technical software and service firm with very limited expertise in financial reporting and analysis, we needed help organizing all of our data for the audit and establishing repeatable processes we could follow into the future.

    "The 9Gauge team worked diligently and tirelessly to support the entire audit. They did an outstanding job meeting short deadlines, working meticulously with historical data and taking care of every detail before requirements were sent to the auditors. This removed the burden from our staff to allow us to focus on our business, while completing the financial process. The 9Gauge support served us very well, reduced substantially our effort to prepare for the audit, reduced the audit time, and even left our auditors impressed. Well done 9Gauge."

    Alexandria Alvarez, Chief Administrative Officer, OVS Group

  • Already short a critical finance team member, we found ourselves facing our first audit and significant business planning requirements. 9Gauge's highly experienced finance manager worked with our team to satisfy the audit requirements and to drive our business planning model. Accurate. Professional. Efficient. Cost effective. We were very pleased with 9Gauge’s performance and won’t hesitate to bring them in again."

    Martin Floreani, CEO and Co-Founder, FloSports

  • Working with 9Gauge helps our team focus on building our core business and gives me the peace of mind that our financials are being handled accurately and responsibly.

    9Gauge understands the unique needs and constraints of an early stage start up, and I feel at ease that I'm working with a partner that's helping me build for long-term growth rather than trying to optimize their own profits on every task. Our counterparts have been proactive in making sure they're providing an affordable financial solution that supports our growing business without becoming too great of an expense.

    The biggest differentiator with their company is their holistic approach to partnership; they're not just a financial firm, they're a thought partner in helping us get to our next stage of growth. They proactively think about ways for us to improve our business, share best practices gleaned from years of experiences and connect us with other start ups and clients. Working with 9Gauge means you're entering into their ecosystem of growth, not just hiring a financial team."
    Loop and Tie

    Sara Rodell, Founder, Loop & Tie

  • It was been a true pleasure working with the 9Gauge team. We are 99.9% complete with our project and expect to be 100% complete ahead of schedule.

    Not only are we wrapping up on time (with a few days to spare!) but also on budget and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome overall."

    Lauren F. Chauret, Director of Operations, PVT Healthcare Capital

  • I relied on the 9Gauge team from the early days of getting RealMassive up and running. As our team and business grew in both size and complexity, 9Gauge quickly and efficiently scaled with us. The diverse set of expertise they offer provided us access to talent most commonly found at larger companies. We've been able to tap into that talent at precisely the time our company needed it without the cost burden of maintaining an in-house team. The 9Gauge CFO and his team helped us build a strong foundation of financial discipline and they are a true partner to our business.”

    Craig Hancock, CEO and Co-Founder, RealMassive

  • 9Gauge Partners was extremely responsive in immediately deploying quality personnel at a time of urgent and critical need for our company. 9Gauge was able to quickly get up to speed on our organization and the issues that we were addressing and immediately contributed to the solution to our challenges. 9Gauge provided strong oversight of their personnel assigned to our company to ensure that we were receiving the skills and value that were needed. 9Gauge provided exceptional service and value at very competitive pricing. We look forward to 9Gauge continuing to be a valued partner to assist us in achieving our goals and continuing our success."

    Paul Ruiz, Chief Accounting Officer, Summit Hotel Properties

  • 9Gauge reduced the integration cycle time from over 6 months to 6 weeks. Their experienced finance M&A team became an extension of our team, allowing us to remain focused on our core business during the integration and knowledge transfer process. We will bring 9Gauge in on Day 1 on all future acquisitions.”

    Ben Wade, VP of Finance, Newgistics

  • 9Gauge worked closely with us to construct a comprehensive financial model that enables us to make sound, strategic business decisions."

    Matt Stuart, Co-Founder & President, Main Street Hub

  • 9Gauge has helped us through the various stages of growth, extending our team with expert resources when we need them – from CFO, controller and financial analyst to IT, contract administration and project management. Well done!"

    Bo Holland, Founder & CEO, AllClear ID

  • 9Gauge has been a great partner. From standard bookkeeping to full CFO capabilities, the team at 9Gauge has been instrumental in satisfying our financial needs and requirements."

    Tedd R. Smith, CEO, FirstClose

  • We did many processes manually and ad hoc for our clients. Charts and analysis on the ROI was time consuming - typically a half day of work.

    9Gauge came in, watched me in action - took notes like crazy and built an automated spreadsheet that created the charts our customers needed to evaluate the use of our product and calculate their ROI. We have rolled this out to the account management team and have gone from doing 2-4 a month of these to several a day.

    9Gauge also made many other suggestions, having a significant positive impact to our business — strengthening our relationships with our existing customers and helping both Ethoca and our customers better understand the value of our service. Additionally, 9Gauge has taken on projects to help us increase revenue and identify broken processes."

    Jule Fergerson, Senior VP, Ethoca

  • At Advanced Pain Care we generate an enormous amount of measurable data every day of the week but we had no viable means for really analyzing it. The old adage of “if you can’t measure it, you can’t know what it is worth” was rapidly staring us right in the face making us live with inefficiencies and reactive-natured decision-making.

    In comes 9Gauge and within a couple short months we have not only numerous beautifully architected dashboards to analyze, but also each study has the built-in ability to drill down and see more granulated meaningful trends. Without the help of the 9Gauge team, I don’t believe we would have ever gotten ourselves into a position to actually steer our big ship instead of it steering us. I would recommend the 9Gauge team (and I have) to anyone wanting a means for metrics analysis and the wonderful proactive nature such activity creates for a company."

    Taylor Fyfe, Business Development & CFO, Advanced Pain Care

  • Managing client service delivery is paramount for our business. 9Gauge enabled us to plan more strategically, maximize our internal resources and improve the quality of our work."

    Wendy Covey, Co-Founder & Principal, TREW Marketing

  • When you are trying to build a company you don’t want to spend your valuable time doing accounting work. 9Gauge helped us get our accounting under control in a very cost effective manner that matched where we were in our growth journey.

    This was expected. The unexpected part was how much more than accounting they can help with. From strategic thinking, to customer growth, to important introductions, you get more than you expect from 9Gauge."

    Marcelo Vieira, Founder, Azul Mobile (TasteBud)

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