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Calendar: 9Gauge Upcoming Events

In a recent study by Adaptive Insights of over 400 global CFOs, only 17 percent of a finance team’s time is dedicated to strategic activities, a metric down from last year. Avoid this and other costly mistakes by staying informed on the latest best practices.

Keep your organization at the forefront of success by attending one of 9Gauge’s upcoming events.


[Webinar] Lessons from the CFO: Think Beyond the Numbers

  • Collaborate and make better investment decisions with well-defined processes and workflows
  • Align financial and operational plans with a 360-degree view of the business
  • Leverage technology to reduce cycle times from 20 days to 5 days

[Webinar] The 7 Costliest Reporting Mistakes

  • Gain greater confidence and rely on your reports for making decisions
  • Uncover trends and data patterns to identify variances and take corrective action
  • Accelerate reporting time and increase resource utilization

[Webinar] Dashboard Secrets: Useful Tips for Turning Boring Data into Actionable Insights

  • Make decisions faster with real-time visibility into KPIs and metrics
  • Identify problem areas more easily and proactively alert your business leaders
  • Deliver actionable intelligence with fewer reports in less time