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What our interviewees say

The interviewer was extremely forthcoming when I had questions about the position and the company. Her manner of being truly expressed her enthusiasm for the culture and environment in a very honest way. Moving on to the second round, I had coffee with a partner of the firm who completely turned the tables on interviewing. I could not believe that I was leading the interview! However, it was not just me figuring out if I am a fit for the company, but if the company culture is a fit for me. My advice: 'Be ready for anything. Have questions. Be yourself.'

The questions they asked encompassed my future goals, work style, personality, experiences, "what if's," and many more general free-response questions. Like I said before, 9Gauge really wants to make sure you are a fit with their "family" and meeting as many people possible is their optimal method. In the end, I spoke to 8 people in the company throughout this process. This company truly lives and breathes its values in every member of the team."

I met with a partner who had years of experience. His passion for the company was inspiring and reaffirmed my decision to want to work here. Afterwards, they scheduled me for a full day interview where I met pairs of people who interviewed me about my work history, personality, and past/current work competency.

The process was long and spanned over the course of weeks. My biggest takeaways were: (a) Be ready to set up a reference call because that's required. You cannot answer fluff responses since they ask you very specific questions. (b) They are looking to make sure you are a fit with them. Company culture and team values are the fits that matter most to the company."

The process is very thorough as they want to ensure they hire the right person to join the team. Everyone was extremely nice and easy to talk to, I felt relaxed at each stage of the process. Be honest, be yourself, and speak the truth. This is the smartest group of people i have worked with and they are looking for similar, intelligent, dedicated people to help drive the business and continue to strive for excellence."

The interview is quite complex and long. Don't go into this thinking that you will get hired after a few days.

Everyone was so friendly and passionate about working for 9Gauge. In the end, I received an offer letter where I accepted. No need to negotiate. They know the value of someone of my experience and offered to pay me a fair rate."

Friends and family could not believe the process I went through, but coming from a recruiting background I was quite pleased to see how much time and effort 9Gauge spends on finding the right people. In every step of the process I felt very comfortable with everyone I met.

From the moment I walked in, they eased my nerves and explained that they weren't there to grill me or see how I handle a full day under pressure, they just wanted to make sure they had ample time to get to know me and for me to understand the company values so that we both know we are making the right decision. At the end of the day, I was exhausted but in a good way. Throughout the day I met with different people and I was able to spend time with each person on the leadership team."

From the beginning of the interview process, it was apparent that 9Gauge Partners puts a lot of effort into finding the right people for their team. The interview process is very detailed and a little bit longer than I have experienced previously with other companies, but also very open and friendly.

Throughout the process as I learned more about the company and the work 9Gauge does, I continued to grow more and more excited about the potential to become a team member."

The time put into the interview process made it clear that this company is really looking for A+ players that fit with their team and values."