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What it means to join the 9Gauge team

Brian White, Founder & Managing Partner

Brian White, Founder & Managing Partner

Firms today exist in a rapidly changing business world and as such, employment relationships between individuals and companies have emerged.

We’re delighted you have an interest in evaluating a career with 9Gauge. I want to share our thoughts on our relationship with those who join our team.

Your hard work and contributions to 9Gauge are not just appreciated, but treasured. We truly hire every new member of our team with the hope they stay with us until they retire. From time to time your role may be tenuous, particularly when our firm is up against strong competition. You possess key skills and experience that should keep you marketable in this industry and our goal is for you to never have reason to “market” those skills to another employer. To us “you’re a keeper” and we intend to make every effort to hang onto you!

Your skills will likely evolve during your career with us, as we respond to customer needs. We don’t expect either of us will always know what skills you will need to focus on, but put the burden on both of us to evaluate this question on an annual basis to ensure your skills are valuable to the team, and our skills are valuable to customers.

For firms to succeed today, it’s critical that we both have a shared commitment to your continued growth and development. We commit to invest in your continued development so that you may increase your abilities that contribute to the success of the organization.

Some team members strive for upward promotions, while others strive for lateral movement into other challenging positions. Our goal is to meet your needs in either direction, such that you never grow bored and are always learning.

As long as you are with us we will work diligently to inspire you with meaningful work and strive to maintain your genuine commitment to quality in our services. In return we ask for your enthusiastic commitment to our core values and our customers needs. We are aware that we owe each other no loyalty other than that which is earned, and hope to enjoy many years of success together. While there are no guarantees, we believe jointly standing behind the values stated here represents a good start to a long-term relationship, and hope you believe the same.

Brian White
Founder & Managing Partner
9Gauge Partners, LLC

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  • Working at 9Gauge is like playing on a championship winning team. Each and every player is sharp, passionate, focused and motivated. We work very hard for our clients and for each other, and we have a great time doing it."

    Kelly King, Internal Controller

  • I love working with a world class team and being a valued business and community partner in the Austin ecosystem."

    Michael Wiggin, Managing Director, Transaction Advisory Services

  • 9Gauge truly focuses on creating value for clients and employees. The leadership team shows the entire staff respect and genuine concern for their personal well-being, development and individual goals. Being a part of this growing company is all the more exciting with great leadership.

    Abel Valencia, Marketing Specialist

  • Great companies lead by example and understand that their team is their most powerful resource and investment. I love that 9Gauge embodies that formula for success.

    Alex Marcos, Marketing & Sales Operations Manager

  • I love being on a team that takes the time to walk me through any questions I have on client work - and on clients in which they are not currently engaged!! Their willingness to take the time to help others, and the patience and professionalism in which they show is remarkable.

    Collette Devries, Consultant, Financial Advisory Services

  • Many thanks to the wonderful way our team members deal with people - soft skills in creating relationships and connections are awesome and do make a difference! I still remember how one of our consultants would take care of some of our clients with non-accounting needs such as office space, hiring admin personnel and connections with other businesses!

    Ellen Wavro, Senior Manager, Financial Advisory Services