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AUSTIN, Texas – Super Cheap Signs, a Texas-based sign printing company, ships over 10,000 U.S.-made products, including yard signs, banners, and magnets, to all 50 states. They are a full-service provider – filling the role as a 24/7 direct manufacturer, wholesaler, and professional designer. The team continues to see positive growth in the market in part by pricing products significantly lower than other sign companies.


Client Needs

Super Cheap Signs reached out to 9Gauge to better understand its expansive offerings, as the company fills the role of manufacturer, seller, and distributor in every customer transaction. It intially was in search of a financial analyst primarily for cost accounting. The business produced massive data that required regular workbook entry, and the company’s President & CEO needed a solution to make updates easily and communicate more simply.

The 9Gauge Solution

What 9Gauge proposed went beyond financial analysis. The consulting team recommended tools to deliver business insight, including improved production reports, sales reconciliations, and marketing costing models.

9Gauge automated the executive production reports by adding future templates for the next ten years and reducing the update process from a full week to under one minute. Consultants also broke apart the prior costing model to offer regular updates with actuals for deeper analysis into the company’s breadth of offering. These operational changes allowed for more accuracy and detail by products, material, etc.

In addition to improved operational efficiencies, executives and management receive an end of day report for access to reliable real-time sales from online orders. 9Gauge continues to streamline reports and implement best practices to allow company management to make better information-driven decisions.

Benefits Achieved

Super Cheap Signs benefited from the 9Gauge business advisory via:

  • Automated production report templates for the next ten years with reduced update time from a week to a minute
  • Increased reliability and visibility into business operations and products
  • Real time costing model for management and executives to obtain insights from specific departments
  • Streamlined payroll reporting from Quickbooks


9Gauge found a number of key areas to deliver deep dive access and more visibility into each product line, material cost, etc.

What 9Gauge proposed went beyond financial analysis. Their consultants recommended tools to deliver business insights, including updated production reports, sales reconciliations, and marketing costing models.

−Jon Holmquist, President & CEO