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AUSTIN, Texas – Eduphoria, a Texas-based cloud solutions provider for educators, offers the essential tools districts need for assessment, curriculum, and professional growth. The company’s platform facilitates continued learning, including logistics, evaluations, goal setting, and collaboration.


Client Needs: Upgrade to a Scalable Financial System

At Eduphoria, the team has met positive growth in the K-12 sector and were in the market for a robust, financial system. Colin McDorman, CEO of Eduphoria, sought a cloud-based software solution that could scale with the company, as they had outgrown a previous solution. As their team became burdened with an increasing amount of time devoted to building manual reports, it was clear they needed a to upgrade their capability to support leadership and management decisions.

9Gauge Solution: Build A Long-Term Custom Reporting Solution

9Gauge completed a discovery session and built a roadmap of prioritized projects to which the team would tackle. Each implementation is unique to the challenges and goals of an organization. With Eduphoria, 9Gauge ensured the departmental processes were on par with necessary reporting needs. The consulting team then delivered the unique reports for which Eduphoria needed to run their business.

By understanding the resource time lost when dedicated to manual reporting builds, 9Gauge implemented reporting functions that aligned with the team’s goals. Consultants were able to assess important financial metrics that can benefit leadership reports. By doing so, 9Gauge allowed the Eduphoria team to deep dive into their current and future data.

Benefits Achieved

With the numerous reporting packages that 9Gauge created, Eduphoria has been able to:

Optimize financial operations with industry best practices

Achieve real-time reliability and efficiency in its leadership dashboard reporting

Embrace its new system with a reduced effort in manual off-platform metric builds

Access data visibility and deep-dive into key metrics

“9Gauge has been a huge help in implementing NetSuite and updating our processes. We really appreciated the assistance in setting up best practices.

They helped us automate processes for future growth, and do so much more with our data! 9Gauge set up tailored reporting to fit our specific needs – something that our people love.”

−Sarah Niederstadt, Eduphoria Business Project Manager