The holiday season brings on much more than just a winter chill and cheerful celebration. As the year winds down to an end, many executives scramble to close out the year and prepare for the next. Do I have time to plan early for a quarterly financial roadmap? Is my team capable of absorbing the amount of activity to reach my revenue goals? Are my books prepared for my coming audit? In this busy season, let a management consulting firm give you these 5 gifts to ease you and your organization through to next year.


Find Comfort in the Breadth and Depth of Experience

Whether you are a business leader, the CEO of a multinational corporation, or anywhere in between, it is key to surround yourself with the right people and expertise. Consultants typically range from Associates to the executive C-Suite. They offer decades of industry and Big 4 Accounting experience driving business strategy, building tools for actionable business intelligence, understanding updated regulations, and providing key recommendations to optimize financial operations efficiencies. These additions allow for an infrastructure for expansion and innovation. As a result, your team can remain focused developing the company’s core operations.

“9Gauge made…a significant positive impact to our business — strengthening our relationships with existing customers and helping both Ethoca and our customers better understand the value of our service.”

 – Julie Fergerson, SVP, Ethoca

Ease your Burden on Working Capital

When engaging with a consulting firm, their team understands the pressures you are under. You are trying to run your internal operations and prepare for the coming year. The right business partner firm with a fractional model can enter the picture, learn about your operations and goals, build a strong financial foundation, and implement best practices to help prepare your team to plan forward year round. Their fractional model – a structure that allows you to access the right resources for the right projects at the right time – cuts costs on multiple full-time employees. By always looking ahead, companies can avoid the misallocation of resources. Instead, your dedicated partners can work alongside your team to fill the gaps and support your team needs.

“9Gauge reduced the integration cycle time from over 6 months to 6 weeks. Their experienced finance M&A team became an extension of our team, allowing us to remain focused on our core business during the integration and knowledge transfer process.”

 – Ben Wade, CFO, Newgistics

Grow Together, From Inception to Exit

Management consulting firms are long-term strategic business partners with your goals in mind. From the moment they enter, your dedicated team sits down with you to hear your problems, as well as your goals. They map out your current business operations for a clearer grasp of all areas to improve your day-to-day efficiency. This three- to five-year company roadmap acts as a guide for essential changes, additions, and milestones that lead to where you see the company in the long-term. Therefore, you will never feel lost during an audit or a major transaction because the people who helped build that plan are the same people who will work with you to execute it.

 “When build[ing] a company… 9Gauge helped us…in a very cost effective manner that matched where we were in our growth journey. From strategic thinking, to customer growth, to important introductions, you get more than you expect from 9Gauge.”

– Marcelo Vieira, Founder, TasteBud

Scale Up or Down, Based on your Needs

Different organizations require different amount of attention. Younger, late stage companies may need a little hand-holding in help to clean up their financials for scaling. Meanwhile, larger mid-market companies may dial up or down depending on available projects. Either way, the fractional model of strategic consulting firms allows for you to receive the right amount of resources for the right project. As businesses grow, consultants are trained for proper handoffs for internal resources, but when called upon again, they are already familiar with their financials and operations – easing the transition back. Effective firms offer readily available support that customizes to your needs. No more worrying about surprise “alarms” setting off, your dedicated team is there for you.

“9Gauge has helped us through the various stages of growth, extending our team with expert resources when we need them – from CFO, controller and financial analyst to IT, contract administration and project management.”

 – Bo Holland, Founder & CEO, AllClear ID

Believe in Actual Relationships

Remember, the right business partner for you is one that actually cares for the success of your company. These are people willing to work the extra hours because you are on a tight deadline; people there to sit down with you regularly to explain what your numbers say over and over again; people to acknowledge your company’s placement on the Inc. 5000 or Best Places to Work; people who treat you not as one of their clients, but as their only client. That is what you should expect with the right strategic partner. In other words, a real team of people working tirelessly with your organization to succeed. With that in mind, let the stress melt a little –  and plan for a more fruitful new year.

“Beyond just the basics of what a typical CFO firm provides, 9Gauge has a full team [that] are passionate to see my business succeed.”

 – Brian Patek, CEO, Shiner Smokehouse