Workday Adaptive Planning vs. Legacy Systems: Your Budgeting, Planning and Forecast Application is Hard to Love

As a leading Austin-based consulting firm, 9Gauge Partners continues to utilize its partnership with Workday Adaptive Planning to leverage innovative CPM and business intelligence solutions to help leaders make better business decisions faster. Below is a detailed look into how Adaptive Insights can help your company’s needs:

Challenge: Did you know that…

  • Most organizations say their current budgeting, planning and forecasting applications are old, costly, over-engineered, and difficult to maintain.
  • 90% of the organization’s efforts are spent maintaining legacy systems versus focusing on growing the business and innovation.
  • Most organizations are on old, outdated versions.
  • Most systems like Oracle Hyperion, SAP BPC, and IBM Cognos rank at the bottom in customer satisfaction in Gartner surveys.
  • Too often, users are stuck waiting on IT to modify a report or add a new department.

So how are you feeling now about your Current Financial Systems?

  • Are you struggling with costly hard to run systems that drain resources?
  • Have you lost control of their performance management systems?
  • First designed back in the 90s – for IT and NOT for business users – legacy systems are rigid, incredibly expensive and hard to use.
  • They’re holding you and your enterprises back, not helping you move forward.
  • Traditional applications like Oracle Hyperion, SAP, and IBM Cognos have become too hard for you to change and manage.
  • With IT departments required to make changes to meet business requirements, your new generation of business users are frustrated that you don’t have control.

Opportunity: What if you could

  • Escape from legacy systems jail and…
    • Empower your users to work at the speed of business rather than wait for IT?
    • Enable users to create their own dashboards, reports and plans without having to wait weeks or months to get done?
    • Reallocate your spend from maintenance to innovation?
    • Leverage the latest version and innovations without waiting for the next IT upgrade?
    • Ability to keep up with organizational changes, mergers and acquisitions without lots of waiting for lots of systems changes?
    • Eliminate legacy systems hefty annual costs and high TCO, especially support and maintenance?


Until recently, enterprises like yours had no other option but to struggle with costly aging tools. Designed ground up for the Cloud, Adaptive can help you keep pace with your complex business environments with easy to configure, manage and use applications. Adaptive’s solution is completely delivered as a cloud service, and optimizing for ease of deployment and use:

  • No IT required to own and maintain: Adaptive’s cloud delivery is estimated to be less than 25% the cost of traditional on- premise systems.
  • Automated updates: Adaptive provides 3 updates a year, automatically – no IT required.
  • Plans and report that used to take weeks and involve IT can now be implemented in days, with users doing the work themselves.
  • Move from a legacy that users are unhappy with, to a provider that is ranked highest in client satisfaction.
  • Improve change management:
    • Adaptive has been voted the most easy to use CPM solution by Forrester, Nucleus Research and BPM Partners.
    • Adaptive users are able to easily update plans, reports, and perform analysis themselves, without IT support.
    • Adaptive is over 75%+ more cost and resource efficient to run than legacy solutions because it eliminates costly infrastructure, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance (Source: Saugatuck Technology).

Need Evidence? Check out these Workday Adaptive Planning Case Studies

  • Gentiva, a $1.7BN health services provider with 14,000 employees and 165+ locations switched from on-premise to Adaptive saving $1M a year.
  • SAB Miller, a $35BN brewer with 70,000+ employees in 75+ countries chooses Adaptive over SAP BPC performance management saving millions in software and services costs.
  • Doe Run Company, with 1,400+ employees and one of the world’s largest recyclers and mineral producers, selected Adaptive over Hyperion saving 90%+.
  • Boston Scientific, with $7BN+ in revenue and 24,000+ employees, had spent millions on Hyperion. With Adaptive, Boston Scientific is able to support decentralized planning across California, Minnesota, Indianapolis, South America, and Ireland with 7+ instances.
  • Bemis uses Adaptive Consolidation and Adaptive integrated with their existing Hyperion deployment savings $100,000s versus continuing to invest in Hyperion.
  • “Adaptive offered extraordinary value coming in at essentially 10 percent of the total cost of on-premise solutions when you factor in hardware, IT, license and support costs.” – Dr Swamy, FP&A Manager, The Doe Run Company.
  • “We achieved a better budget process at a fraction of the cost compared to the millions of dollars and years of investment spent maintaining the on-premise Hyperion solution“ – Boston Scientific