October 16, 2017, Dallas, Texas – This past week, 9Gauge and Adaptive Insights co-hosted a Lunch & Learn at The Mercury in Northeast Dallas, Texas. The event brought local finance executives together for a discussion about best practices for financial analysis and reporting.

Given the attention that budgeting and reporting receive this time of year, the focus centered on the growing importance of taking the extra steps to:

  • Increase reporting capabilities
  • Decrease the time it takes to create those reports

Aaron Ellis  from Adaptive Insights, delivered a demonstration on how to use Adaptive software for better and easier Budgeting and reporting – noting how the Adaptive Suite, in conjunction with other CRMs and ERPs, can reduce user processes from days and weeks to a matter of minutes.

With a healthy blend of CFO’s and financial analysts in attendance, the discussion centered around how this cloud-solution offers relief to the stress of year-end preparation. Many later stage businesses come to us knowing they have traction and are growing. However, they are not sure how to best portray that. Whether it is to their management team, investors or the board, great reporting can have a huge impact on key business drivers and long-term plans.

Partnering with a best-in-class system like Adaptive Insights means that 9Gauge has a tool for our talented team of Consultants to put in the hands of our clients. For more information about how Adaptive Insights can enhance your finance team’s capabilities, click here.

To request a live Adaptive Insights demo for your organization, email Grant McClendon or sign up today!

About Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is the recognized leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM). With this best-practice active planning process, Adaptive Insights differentiates with easy, powerful, and fast software that empowers more than 3,500 customers globally to drive business success.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge is a long-term strategic business partner: Advising on strategy, driving real-time data analysis, and delivering comprehensive business intelligence. 9Gauge helps you focus on running your business smarter and without distractions.