Austin, TEXAS – Homelessness is visible throughout major cities nationwide with panhandling on the streets at intersections, parking lots, and at the park. Many people do not know how to respond when approached by a homeless individual. Some may feel uncomfortable or feel that giving money isn’t the best option. Therefore, we decided that we will offer our team and others in the Austin area a solution. By creating and distributing care kits to the homeless, we as a firm can support those in need.

Care Kits are a simple way to provide practical help to a homeless man or woman. By keeping some readily available in your car, you’re prepared to offer one to a person in need. These kits include items such as:

  • Bottled water
  • Trail mix & peanut butter crackers
  • Socks
  • Travel size toiletries (toothbrushes, razors, and bandages)

All are packed in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag. Several 9Gaugers contributed by purchasing hundreds of each item online weeks in advance of our care kit assembly party.

A 9Gauge Thanksgiving to Give Back

Prior to our Thanksgiving Potluck, the 9Gauge team came together and helped stuff 288 care kits! We pre-packed small shopping bags with 5 care kits to make it easier on our team to grab a couple every time they are in the office. Over the next few weeks, we planned to hand out the Ziploc bags every chance we could, but to our surprise, we quickly ran out of care kits in a week!

Our team happily offered feedback on their experience.

“Giving out these Care Kits to someone in need really made my day. To witness their gratitude in their words and faces makes you appreciate how lucky you are and how something so small can go such a long way for someone in need.”

“I took these care kits home to my family to hand out. My son’s teachers noticed that he was giving them out to his friends to hand out, as well. Now, I’ve been told that building care kits has become their Senior project. Amazing how one act of kindness could create such a ripple effect.”

All in all, our team has truly enjoyed this experience as a way to close 2017. Plans for another round of 9Gauge care kits are surely in the near future. We recommend everyone to take on a positive initiative this year to make a difference in their community. Building each care kit or offering your time is a small task in comparison to the lasting meaning you can give a person in need.