Bringing Together Local Austin Manufacturing and Finance Thought Leadership

October 6, 2017, Austin, Texas – This past week, Austin played host to the 2017 Central Texas Manufacturing Trade show. Austin Regional Manufacturers Association, or “ARMA”, led the gathering of numerous manufacturing companies to speak about procurement, logistics, and best practices from industry experts and their peers.

One clear sign stood out above others throughout the event – ARMA is a representation of some of the finest manufacturing businesses in the area. From machined metals to boxes to the software companies that run their logistics, the members and exhibitors are innovating at a level to be expected from such a creative city as Austin.

9Gauge was in attendance as a local consulting firm and resource to our software partners – NetSuite and Adaptive Insights. We are a sponsor member of ARMA and works with several manufacturing companies in Central Texas. As a technical resource for finance, accounting, software and M&A needs, we find ourselves working more and more with long time leaders at all types of companies. It excites us to find out more about the current landscape of creators as well as the new breed of growing companies entering the manufacturing and CPG landscape.

For more information about how 9Gauge or NetSuite can help your organization reach its goals, contact us here.

About ARMA

ARMA is a non-profit organization working to improve the regional manufacturing community. We are dedicated to strengthening our members through advocacy, workforce development, and networking. ARMA’s mission is to strengthen the Central Texas manufacturing community through advocacy, workforce development, and networking.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge is a long-term strategic business partner: Advising on strategy, driving real-time data analysis, and delivering comprehensive business intelligence. We help you focus on running your business smarter and without distraction.