9Gauge delivers efficiency and cost savings through new Bill.com Partner Program

AUSTIN, Texas, July 26, 2016 — bdc_logo_topnav_266x769Gauge Partners has entered into a partnership with Bill.com through their Accountant Program.  This partnership enables 9Gauge to deliver pricing discounts, trainings, demo environments, and priority support for all 9Gauge clients.

“We are delighted to welcome 9Gauge as a member of the Bill.com Accountant Program,” said Rene Lacerte, CEO of Bill.com. “We have found that firms using Bill.com for client AP and AR are forward-thinking and extremely focused on delivering excellent client customer service.”

One of 9Gauge’s key offerings focuses deeply on improving financial operations. The firm provides the best tools in the industry that serves as the perfect blend of functionality and efficiency. “It is critical to support the growth and scalability for which our clients strive,” said Jonathan Hines, Partner, responsible for Firm Development. “9Gauge works year round to enhance our ‘Integrated Technology Platform’, whereby we not only deliver best-in-class technologies to our clients, but ensure they pair well with others already in use.”

Over the past 6 years, 9Gauge has provided over 180 clients a full range of finance and advisory services. 9Gauge solves finance, accounting, and managerial challenges by advising business leaders on defining strategy, managing projects, and improving the efficiency of their financial operations. With the addition of the Bill.com Accountant Program, 9Gauge can provide clients the necessary tools to optimize client processes and implement best practices for finance and accounting organizations.

“We are excited to announce this partnership as part of an initiative to bring our clients superior solutions that enable clients more efficient transactional processes, lower costs, and priority support – another way 9Gauge differs from the competition,” said Brian Devany, Director of 9Gauge’s Finance & Business Intelligence practice. “This partner program allows the firm to better deliver key recommendations to improve our clients’ business processes and efficiencies.”

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About Bill.com

Bill.com offers businesses an automated solution for ACH processing by streamlining accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. The software system enables business leaders to improve operational efficiencies in day-to-day transactions. Bill.com may reduce time spent on bill approvals and payments for accounts payable by over 50%. For businesses operating on Quickbooks, Xero, Intacct, and other accounting software, Bill.com is compatible system to improve financial and accounting functions.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge Partners delivers best practices finance and advisory services to provide executives with the business insights they need to make better decisions faster.  Consultants are deployed on engagements in teams, rather than as isolated resources. Clients receive the best expertise for each phase of the work needed, driven by a culture of collaboration and accountability among the team members.  Unlike traditional consulting services firms that provide a “resource” to execute tasks based on the clients’ guidance, 9Gauge deploys teams of consultants at blended rates that often are less costly than a single resource.  This often results in completing the work more efficiently and more quickly, as a result of putting the right skills on each task. 9Gauge goes beyond the approach of “just getting the work done” as prescribed by the client, and delivers recommendations to optimize finance and accounting processes and implement efficiencies where possible. Our continued commitment to excellence in our delivery to clients drives long-term relationships, and continuing to maintain a great work culture enhances our ability to attract and retain great talent.

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