Leading Texas Consulting Firm Solving C-Suite’s Need for Actionable Insights with Adaptive Partnership

Austin, TX, May 1, 2017 – After launching its Adaptive Insights partnership in 2015, 9Gauge Partners has served as an Austin leader in delivering the leading cloud corporate performance management (CPM) tool for businesses. The firm continues its expanse across the state serving various industries the innovative CPM and business intelligence solutions to help leaders make better business decisions faster. So what does this entail exactly?

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  • Do you feel like your team spends a significant amount of time in spreadsheets?
  • Are you losing out to competitors due to poor forecasting?
  • Is your team spending more time collecting data than analyzing it?
  • Is your strategy constantly not meeting expectations and falling short of goals?

Over the next several weeks, 9Gauge will be sharing a series of blogs posts on the vast impact of Adaptive Insights’ world class solutions to real-time business intelligence, known as the Adaptive Suite. This offering consists of multiple functions, including Planning, Consolidation, Discovery, Reporting, and Integration. We plan to cover (a) why you should change your BI platform, (b) why now, and (c) why you. For you, the coming weeks will give you a look into what this means for your organization.


  • Budget and plan better, and faster: Improve Budgeting and Planning Productivity
  • Forecast faster and more accurately: Improve Forecasting Productivity
  • Spend less time reporting, more time analyzing: Improve Reporting and Analysis Productivity
  • Close faster. Reduce risk. Reduce effort: Improve Financial Reporting and Close Process
  • Be confident in the actuals and the future when the business changes: Managing Financials, Planning and Reporting through Organizational Changes
  • Don’t risk your job or your company on a manual error: Manage Risk and Exposure
  • Your blueprint for how finance can finally be more strategic: Free up Resources to Provide More Value to the Rest of the Organization
  • Empower managers to do more themselves – less work for finance, and get more accurate and timely plans: Engage Managers for Better Results
  • Use analytics to improve business performance and outperform your peers: Get Better Analytics and Confidence to Drive Better Decisions
  • Budget where you really need to spend and drive down cost: Improve Cost Management
  • Break free from IT: Free Finance from Depending on IT


  • Have You outgrown Excel: Adaptive Versus Spreadsheets
  • The 90’s called, and they want their financial system back: Adaptive Versus Legacy Systems


  • Do planning, budgeting, and reporting right: The Adaptive Advantage

“We are constantly looking for tools to help improve our clients’ businesses. Adaptive Insights provides the platform for 9Gauge Partners to help clients move to the next level in their planning, reporting, and data discovery,” said Joe Cohen, Partner at 9Gauge. If you are interested in learning about how 9Gauge can solve one of the above issues, feel free to visit our website and reach out to info@9gauge.com.

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