AUSTIN, Texas — Texas management consulting firm 9Gauge Partners is naming Kevin Mischnick as Director of Business Development, adding another highly qualified industry talent to its ranks.

Mischnick brings significant industry experience to the firm with more than 25 years of proven success in corporate finance, finance team leadership and managing financial operations and processes. Mischnick’s career features key roles at Magnitude Software, Everi Holdings, Valence Technology and Ernst & Young.

“We are really excited to have Kevin join our team,” said Jonathan Hines, Partner at 9Gauge Partners. “As a former finance executive, Kevin brings a level of expertise that allows him to fully understand the obstacles and challenges of C-level business leaders. He has walked a mile in their shoes, and I look forward to seeing Kevin expand our conversations with business leaders around holistic executive, finance and business points of view.”

The following is our interview with Mischnick, who describes his experiences and vision for 9Gauge in-depth:


9G: What interested you about 9Gauge that made you want to join the company?

KM: The leadership team, the people within the firm and the culture that has been created makes 9Gauge an excellent place to work. I enjoy finding solutions to customer problems, and I knew that 9Gauge would provide the opportunity for me to assist in fulfilling those client needs.


9G: More specifically, what do you believe is the value in 9Gauge’s delivery model and service offering?

KM: Being a former client, I knew firsthand the exceptional service the firm provides. I appreciated the ability to have associates to controller-level team members on my account, which keeps the costs down yet allowed for the proper expertise and experience, when needed. Also, the wide range of services offered by 9Gauge provides our customers with numerous options to fill their financial needs.


9G: Could you elaborate on your past experiences as a finance executive and how that knowledge translates here at 9Gauge?

KM: I have been in the accounting and finance industry for over 25 years, from public accounting to various controller to CFO roles. This experience will allow me to better understand the needs of our clients and how 9Gauge will be able to serve them best. I have experience with companies from the start-up stage to large middle-market; public companies to private equity (PE)-backed as well as companies supported by angel investors. In addition, I have experience taking companies through the IPO process and other forms of fundraising, including various debt and equity structures.


9G: What do you enjoy most about your line of work?

KM: I enjoy building quality teams that work together to allow great things to be achieved. I am a firm believer in the fact that great people make great companies. When you support great people and allow them to take ownership of their jobs, they shine and grow exponentially.


9G: What are some of your goals for 9Gauge in 2018?

KM: 9Gauge has developed an outstanding reputation and has grown year over year repeatedly. My goal for 9Gauge is to continue this trajectory and become the “go-to” source for all of our financial services.


9G: What would you say are the biggest obstacles to overcome to reach these goals?

KM: As I mentioned before, great companies are comprised of great people. Therefore, to achieve our goals, we need to retain our awesome team members and work diligently to attract more talent to the 9Gauge team. Moreover, our customers are the reason we are in business, so our continued efforts to maintain and grow our extraordinary customer base is imperative.


9G: Choose one word (or a few words) to describe what a client should expect from working with you and 9Gauge.

KM: Exceptional client service. 9Gauge has already developed this reputation in the business community, and I want to be sure the highest level of client service continues.


About 9Gauge Partners

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