9Gauge wins spot on 2015 Top 20 ABJ Best Places to Work

Austin Business Journal revealed 9Gauge Partners as one of the top 20 Best Places to Work in Austin for 2015 in the small business category on Friday, June 26.

Amidst the 70 companies composing the large, medium, small and micro size companies that were announced as the top 20 in their respective categories, 9Gauge celebrates its first year as one of Austin’s best places to work.

The awards ceremony was held on Friday, June 26 to announce the official ranking of each company, just one month after the unranked list was released. Founder & Managing Partner Brian White, along with 9Gauge Partners Basia and Joe Cohen and a few 9Gauge employees attended the ceremony to accept the award.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge Partners delivers best practices finance and advisory services to provide executives with the business insights they need to make better decisions faster.  Consultants are deployed on engagements in teams, rather than as isolated resources. Clients receive the best expertise for each phase of the work needed, driven by a culture of collaboration and accountability among the team members.  Unlike traditional consulting services firms that provide a “resource” to execute tasks based on the clients’ guidance, 9Gauge deploys teams of consultants at blended rates that often are less costly than a single resource.  This often results in completing the work more efficiently and more quickly, as a result of putting the right skills on each task. 9Gauge goes beyond the approach of “just getting the work done” as prescribed by the client, and delivers recommendations to optimize finance and accounting processes and implement efficiencies where possible. Our continued commitment to excellence in our delivery to clients drives long-term relationships, and continuing to maintain a great work culture enhances our ability to attract and retain great talent.

For more information, visit 9Gauge.com, and follow 9Gauge on LinkedIn,  Twitter, and Glassdoor.

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