9Gauge Partners Recognized for Budding Adaptive Insights Partnership in 2018 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 5, 2018 – 9Gauge Partners today announced it was awarded the Partner Rising Star Award by Adaptive Insights, powering a new generation of planning with its business planning cloud.  The awards recognize outstanding achievement by Adaptive Insights partners around the world in a variety of categories.

This is truly an honor for us at 9Gauge,” said Jonathan Hines, Partner responsible for Firm Development of 9Gauge. “As this is a testament to how well Adaptive Insights’ powerful platform has helped our clients reach their goals.

Over 140 Global Adaptive Insights Partners

9Gauge Partners looks to expand on its Adaptive Insights partnership heading into 2019.

Adaptive Insights announced its award winners in San Francisco, California, at the company’s annual Worldwide Partner Summit, a gathering of partners from around the globe to share strategies and best practices and to continue to accelerate business opportunities for Adaptive Insights solutions.  Over 140 global partners attended the sixth annual Adaptive Insights Worldwide Partner Summit.

Leveraging our global network of channel partners, we are able to extend the value of our Business Planning Cloud, bringing easy to use software to everybody who plans,” said Doug Lucy, area vice president of global solution specialists and partners. “With specialized services, solutions, and support, our partners enable our joint customers to better manage their businesses. We are honored to provide 9Gauge Partners with the Partner Rising Star and look forward to continuing our successful partnership in 2018.”

9Gauge Partners is part of Adaptive Insights’ leading network of more than 150 worldwide partners serving a customer base of more than 3,700 customers in 50 countries.

Adaptive Insights’ global partner program takes a unique approach to partner engagement that involves collaboration with partners across a number of activities including demand generation, webinars, regional seminars and workshops, sales opportunities, add-on sales, services and implementation. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship that delivers the best customer experience.

About Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is powering a new generation of business planning. Driving business agility in a fast-moving world, the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud leads the way for people in companies to collaborate, gain insights, and make smarter decisions faster. Powerful modeling for any size organization, yet so easy for everybody who plans. Adaptive Insights is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. To learn more, visit adaptiveinsights.com.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge Partners is a management consulting firm that supports business leaders to make better, data-driven decisions, as they navigate through growth, pivots, and change. Since 2011, 9Gauge has helped over 200 companies nationwide accelerate their vision. Our fractional business model brings clients the right resources with the right experience at the right time. When deploying our consulting teams, we flex our capacity to match our clients’ needs, thereby creating a sum greater than the individual parts. We offer organizations executive advisory, financial operations and business systems support, expert resource capacity, and inorganic or M&A assistance. 9Gauge is a business partner that can help bridge the present to where a company envisions itself to be.

For more information, visit 9Gauge.com, and follow 9Gauge on TwitterLinkedIn, YoutubeFacebook, and Glassdoor.

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Jonathan Hines, Partner

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