Founded in 2011, 9Gauge has helped over 200 companies ranging in size from venture backed startups, growing mid-market companies, and Fortune 100. Our mission is to enable business leaders with real-time data insights to better lead their organizations as they scale, pivot, or transition.

Our Story

The story behind our name, “9Gauge Partners,” comes from the aeronautical roots of our founding partner. When flying a plane, a pilot uses his or her gauges on the dashboard to measure the status of the plane in flight.

Brian White took this analogy to heart for business leaders and their growing organizations. To understand the health, status, and future direction of your organization, you’ll need to gauge your business properly throughout; hence, the name “9Gauge” was born.

9Gauge partners alongside you and your team to ensure you have the necessary people, tools, and processes to effectively lead your organization forward. By enhancing each area through better financial systems, operations, and key advisory, 9Gauge can help you navigate change, exceed your goals, and accelerate your vision.

Our Values

Our core values drive every engagement – from new hires to client relationships, and it is something we hold true in each one of us.


We will deliver the type of value so that our clients can never imagine a world without 9Gauge Partners.


We uphold the highest levels of integrity in all we do through transparency, communication, responsiveness, and accountability.


We genuinely care about everything we do for our clients, people, service and our business.


We believe our people drive our success – and yours. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of phenomenal people, and in our treatment of each other as family.


Excellence is delivered through continuous, constant, focused improvement.


We are relationship driven. It’s about our clients, our team / family and our business partners.

Our Competitive Advantages


Our diverse team bring decades of financial operations, systems, and M&A experience.

Industry Experience

We have worked with over 200 clients across various industries, including, Technology, SaaS, CPG, and Healthcare.


We work alongside you as an extension of your team – partnering with you to reach your goals.

The Right Fit

Consultant teams are deployed for the right resource at the right time – adjusting to your changing needs.

Recent Awards & Accolades

Our Approach


9Gauge is much more than a traditional professional services firm.

9Gauge is a long-term strategic business partner with consummate execution skills: Advising and delivering on strategy, keen company insight, and comprehensive business intelligence. We utilize our combined experience and resources to get things done, swiftly and seamlessly.

Our veteran team of business advisors and consultants work as a natural extension of your in-house team to enable your success. Whether you are growing, scaling, or pivoting, 9Gauge provides a flexible team that adjusts to your changing needs. We deliver the right solution with the right resources at the right time to help you get where you want to go, efficiently and effectively.

Having 9Gauge beside you accelerates growth, profitability and value – we accelerate your vision.

The 9Gauge Advantage

9Gauge is a long-term strategic business partner: Advising on strategy, driving real-time data analysis, and delivering comprehensive business intelligence. We help you focus on running your business smarter and without distraction.

Experience & Subject Matter Expertise

Our veteran team of business consultants range from C-level executives to the complete Office of the CFO. They bring decades of experience in multiple industries, Big Four accounting, and other key areas, including M&A, systems, and business intelligence.

Values and Company Culture

9Gauge is focused on delivering the best solution for you through our fractional, team-based approach, as well as maintaining our core values – passion, people, integrity, relationships, value, and excellence.