Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in corporate performance

management (CPM) with over 3,700 companies utilizing its platform. Its

software as a service (SaaS) platform offers business leaders and teams a

cloud capability to plan, budget, forecast, report, consolidate, and build visual

analytics dashboards for driving true competitive advantage.


In 2018, 9Gauge won the Adaptive Insights’ Partner Rising Star Award.



The Business Planning Cloud enables the entire business planning process, including modeling, reporting, analysis, and scenario planning for individual functions and for the business as a whole to build better plans and make smarter decisions.

The software’s solutions are crafted with purpose-built domain intelligence, making it easier and faster for users to build and adapt functional models – without the need to build models from scratch.

With the Business Planning Cloud, users do not have to compromise between power, ease of use, or ease of deployment and ongoing adaptability.

Adaptive Insights for Finance
Adaptive Insights for Finance provides comprehensive budgeting, planning and forecasting proven to reduce cycle times up to 90%. With an intuitive “Excel-like” interface, it’s easy to collaboratively plan and forecast revenue, expenses and headcount, create rolling forecasts, and more.
Adaptive Insights for Sales
Adaptive Insights for Sales helps you quickly and easily optimize resources, increase sales performance, and improve sales predictability. Automatic integration with corporate finance plans gives sales operations and management teams insight into functional interdependencies and the ability to forecast with greater accuracy so you and your whole business can make smarter decisions faster.


From nonprofit to mid-market to Inc. 5000 organizations, we have successfully partnered with a number of clients to implement Adaptive Insights.

Hear from the executive at Community Impact about how the platform changed their financial planning, budgeting, and operations.


“9Gauge implemented Adaptive Insights to solve our pain points by cutting the time in half to set goals and receive feedback from leadership. Moving out of Excel onto Adaptive Insights has been life-changing for my team” 


Adaptive Insights HealthCheck

Has your Adaptive Insights usage become stale? Is your Adaptive Insights
configuration providing the reporting and decision-support you want?
A properly implemented system customized to your business goals will drive the best
results. If yours needs work, ask us about our complimentary 9Gauge HealthCheck today.

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