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9Gauge Partners works alongside organizations from Inception to Exit, and every stage in between. Our clients span various industries and require a unique touch for the right solutions. Here are a few examples of how 9Gauge can help you reach your goals. 

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  • We found ourselves facing our first audit and significant business planning requirements. 9Gauge's highly experienced finance manager worked with our team to satisfy the audit requirements and to drive our business planning model. Accurate. Professional. Efficient. Cost effective.

    Martin Floreani, CEO & Co-Founder, FloSports

  • We did many processes manually and ad hoc for our clients- typically a half day of work. 9Gauge came in, built an automated spreadsheet to evaluate the use of our product and calculate their ROI. We have rolled this out to the account management team and have gone from doing 2-4 a month of these to several a day. 9Gauge has taken on projects to help us increase revenue and identify broken processes.

    Julie Fergerson, Senior VP, Ethoca

  • The biggest differentiator with 9Gauge is their holistic approach to partnership; they're not just a financial firm, they're a thought partner in helping us get to our next stage of growth. Working with 9Gauge means you're entering into their ecosystem of growth, not just hiring a financial team.

    Sara Rodell, Founder & CEO, Loop & Tie

  • We generate an enormous amount of measurable data every day of the week but we had no viable means for really analyzing it. In comes 9Gauge and within a couple short months we have not only numerous beautifully architected dashboards to analyze, but also each study has the built-in ability to drill down and see more granulated meaningful trends.

    Taylor Fyfe, Business Development & CFO, Advanced Pain Care