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AUSTIN, Texas – HireBetter, an Austin-based talent consulting and retained search firm with a national reach, helps clients see more growth faster with proactive talent strategies for long-term needs and short-term pressures. The HireBetter team offers honest, open, strategic advice rooted in real-world experience. They work alongside clients to improve results by challenging business leaders to rethink what they think about talent.


Client Needs

In 2015, Tammie Valentini, COO, and Kurt Wilkin, CEO, sought to improve the operating and financial metrics for HireBetter. They were working under manual reporting, which offered no insights into current or future trends. The team needed a cost-effective option to improve the company’s analytics in order to improve service to their clients and plan for future growth. The company, which was growing and continues to grow 40% annually, engaged 9Gauge to do a deep dive into the firm and build a “next level” forecast.

The 9Gauge Solution

9Gauge met with the executive team in a discovery session to plan and prioritize HireBetter projects. HireBetter offers many different services, including Strategic Talent Planning, Professional Recruitment, and Project-Based Placements. 9Gauge provided solutions to allow more visibility into each business line. What initially began as accounting support grew into forecasting analysis that helped with future projections and operations.

With the help of 9Gauge Financial Advisory Services (FAS) consultants, HireBetter has noticed a positive change in their financial model. The addition of GAAP financials and forecasting tools drove the company closer to maximizing profitability. HireBetter has seen a more predictable growth for their talent and resource needs. The firm continues to call on 9Gauge for ongoing projects and model updates.

Benefits Achieved

HireBetter benefited from the 9Gauge business solutions via:

  • Financial Operations support with more efficient implemented best practices

  • Accessible metrics to better manage various teams

  • Real time forecast model for management to obtain insights from specific departments

  • Streamlined payroll reporting from Quickbooks

“Partnering with 9Gauge has been fantastic. Since we began our relationship, we have made significant improvement in our operating and financial metrics, materially improved our forecasting process and have changed our culture by being much more transparent.”

−Tammie Valentini, COO