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SHINER, Texas – Shiner Smokehouse, a family-owned business established in 1937, has been producing high-quality, smoked meat products – carefully prepared with time and superior spices – initially for the Shiner community. Currently led by Brian Patek, CEO, the company is quickly expanding across the state of Texas and the entire Southwest region with its signature products.


Client Needs: Go-to-Market Strategy for Optimal Product Distribution

Shiner Smokehouse approached 9Gauge to assess the tactical direction and optimal investment to scale through packaged food distribution. There were several financing options to consider to support top line growth from its marketing efforts. Shiner Smokehouse needed robust business tools to evaluate key business drivers, analyze market expansion options, and provide visibility into the company financials.

The 9Gauge Solution: Actionable Insights for Financial Efficiencies, Distribution Channels

9Gauge proposed a forecast model to assess the financial results of each marketing choice along with an analysis of the various financing options to support each selection. After establishing the optimal marketing plan, 9Gauge designed a fully functional model in Microsoft Excel with a simplified dashboard, offering the CEO actionable insights into the company financials.

The executive-level advisory and team support allowed for more accurate and reliable data. 9Gauge stepped in to clean up the books and streamline transactional operations. Over 550 Quickbooks item entries were reduced to 12 to capture the defined lines of business.

In addition, 9Gauge introduced its outside partner relationships to Shiner Smokehouse to help drive process efficiences, improve product cost and payment terms, and deliver marketing suppport to drive brand awareness and increased internet sales.

Benefits Achieved

Shiner Smokehouse benefited from the 9Gauge team approach via:

  • Deep dive cost analysis into financing options to support growth plan

  • Increased reliability and accuracy in Quickbooks through simpler, redefined lines of business, products and customers

  • Improved dashboard visualization for more reliable forecasting

  • Expanded partnerships to reduce operational costs, drive brand awareness, and grow product sales


“Their deeper dive approach to find the levers that affect your business is great, but it’s more their ability and desire to keep driving home the importance of managing those levers.

After meeting with 9Gauge, I have seen significant improvements in my company, including key tools to manage my business. Beyond just the basics of what a typical CFO firm provides, 9Gauge has a full team [that] are passionate to see my business succeed.”

−Brian Patek, CEO