Full-Service Brand Agency Finds Similarities in Purpose-Driven Approach from 9Gauge

AUSTIN, Texas, February 2017 –The Ampersand Agency lives in the intersection of strategy and creativity,” emphasizes Ampersand CEO, Cindy Montgomery, with a smile. “Our purpose is to help businesses find their purpose. Their truth. Then effectively tell the world.” Ampersand, a Texas-based boutique marketing and advertising agency, takes a partnership approach to developing, positioning, and managing its clients’ brands. As the demand for Ampersand’s services continued its rise, Cindy and Jeff Montgomery, President of The Ampersand Agency, shifted their focus to long-term planning and scalability in order to optimize their clients and resources.

Find Your Truth. Tell the World.

The Search for Long-Term Scalability

In 2016, the two executives consulted with 9Gauge Partners to help build a plan that would connect internal documentation tools to a financial system that could enhance transparency, efficiency and predictability. Similar to Ampersand’s own method for understanding its clients’ purpose, 9Gauge found Ampersand’s purpose – predictable growth: assess which clients are an ideal fit, then manage resources appropriately. The consulting team members quickly determined which tools and processes would need to be refined or replaced.

Eventually, a new ecosystem emerged.“It wasn’t just a modification of the old,” explained Cindy. “It was a reframing of how to think about our business, how to make the parts speak to the whole, and in the process, reduce redundancy, enhance predictability, and give us new insights into productivity.” Working as a strategic partner allows 9Gauge the ability to assess the full financial potential and efficacy of the business.

The 9Gauge Advantage

“What I like about 9Gauge is that, clearly, everyone is highly competent and knows how to listen. As a business owner, I need customization. I need a partner. Not just a reporting system and platform but a partner who understands how we operate,” summarizes the Ampersand CEO.

9Gauge’s holistic approach ensures that the company is more capable of owning their financials. 9Gauge has provided the Ampersand leadership team:

  • Strategic Financial Advisory to identify the right type of work and manage personnel allocated to each account
  • Improved Reporting to leverage financial efficiencies and resource management for profitability
  • A Scalable Chart of Accounts targeting deep-dive capabilities for operational transparency
  • Streamlined transactional and financial processes that improve communication

Ultimately, Ampersand has found its strategic partner to assist their desire in driving proactive business growth. Its leadership team utilizes insights from financial analytics as a methodology in long-term planning and day-to-day operations. As Jonathan Hines, partner at 9Gauge, points out, “Cindy and Jeff now have the actionable insights they need to make data-driven decisions in goal setting, client acquisitions and hiring needs. The entire Ampersand team is highly passionate about the success of the company, and we are glad to provide ongoing support as they continue exceeding their goals.”

Ampersand: Find Your Truth. Tell The World.

The Ampersand Agency continues looking to the future with its new strategic partner. They feel more confident than ever to take advantage of more expansion opportunities in the competitive advertising market. Ampersand’s purpose-based branding foundation uniquely connects them with their clients at a more strategic, results-driven level.

As Ampersand CEO mentions, “Our value is two-fold: Help discover a company’s ‘Why’ and use it to grow their business. Any agency can make pretty ads and tell people what it is that you do, or how you do it.  However, to uncover your purpose and build a brand around it, that is the most powerful way to attract new customers and defend against competitors. The most successful brands know what they stand for, and THAT is what they shout to the world.”  

Have you just been telling people what you do, or have you found your purpose?

The Ampersand Agency specializes in a number of industries, including restaurants, food/packaged goods, retail, higher education, and the financial sector. For more information about The Ampersand Agency or using their services, click here.