Camp Gladiator has gained widespread recognition as a challenging and fun community fitness program. Headquartered in Austin, Camp Gladiator is an outdoor group fitness program that provides full-body workouts delivered by high quality trainers.

With over 3,500 locations nationwide and a six-year Inc. 5000 streak, the company is quickly growing in size and success. In 2018, Camp Gladiator consulted 9Gauge for support on choosing software that would streamline financial processes, centralize its operations and scale with the company. We spoke with Camp Gladiator’s CFO, Phil Murray, who shared his experience with 9Gauge’s NetSuite implementation and introduction to Adaptive Insights.


9G: What problem or challenge did you come to 9Gauge to solve?

PM: The specific issue that Camp Gladiator faced was to streamline processes around our decentralized accounting system. We wanted to eliminate steps and combine as many of our operations as possible into one system.


9G: When you were assessing ERP systems, what was the turning point to switch to NetSuite?

PM: As we looked into our business process issues, 9Gauge showed me that NetSuite was the best option with its flexible functionality and open architecture. I was directed to NetSuite as the best solution to address our current issues and to set ourselves up for long-term success from an accounting system perspective.

Choosing NetSuite as an ERP mainly stemmed from our continual growth. QuickBooks did not serve us well as a centralized hub for our financial information. NetSuite was a clear choice being a tight, high-quality middle platform and scalable financial accounting system. We were looking for something that played well with all of the key pieces and processes that we needed (Adaptive Insights, Tipalti, Abacus, etc.).


9G: What other technology did you use to integrate or centralize on NetSuite? How did those improve since your implementation?

PM: Prior to NetSuite, we were already on, which was connected to QuickBooks. Abacus was our expense reporting tool we had implemented on our own. We also had an interest in implementing Adaptive Insights’ Business Planning Cloud for financial planning, so we asked 9Gauge to implement and integrate it with NetSuite during the same period (in the first half of 2018).

A key capability that persuaded us to go with NetSuite was the ability to develop custom forms and applications on top of the NetSuite platform. 9Gauge, in conjunction with a development partner of theirs, was able to work with us to develop specifications for a critical form used in our decentralized accounts payable process that would provide approval workflow, push accounts payable transactions into NetSuite, and connect into our proprietary customer and field management software platform. Now, we are in the final stages of implementing Tipalti, another third-party platform that powers accounts payable payments.

With the work 9Gauge has done with NetSuite, customized forms and workflows connected to NetSuite, working with us in the implementation of Adaptive Insights and its integration into NetSuite, and Tipalti, we now have one cohesive accounting and financial forecasting/analysis system.


9G: Can you expand on your experience with 9Gauge?

PM: Working with 9Gauge’s NetSuite implementation team was largely positive. For the most part, everything stayed on schedule – given that this was most of my team’s first time implementing a system of this size and the customization work around it. I am pretty happy about the implementation, as the 9Gauge team has been very helpful; their dedicated consultants helped our Accounting Manager and her team with a heavy workload patch throughout 2018.


9G: How has the work we’ve done for you improved the way Camp Gladiator manages its business, plan its strategic initiatives or execute day-to-day operations?

PM: The main ways that Adaptive Insights and NetSuite work together best is that they:

  • Give us access to live actual transaction data during and at the end of the month in both places, allowing for a more accurate rolling forecast process
  • Help with faster, real-time analysis to drill down into every transaction through Adaptive Insights’ planning software
  • Better explain the data or reason behind why costs or metrics lower and rise

From a forecasting perspective, prior to planning inside Adaptive Insights, it used to be a lot more time-consuming to build an annual forecast in Excel spreadsheets, especially with several people trying to work on it. From a NetSuite perspective, it was something we had to do. Both the decentralized accounts payable tool built by 9Gauge and Tipalti will be tremendously helpful as we are on the cusp of launching the two. They will eliminate many manual steps and ease the lives of several people around here (not only our accounting department but also our field support group), not to mention reducing time spent on these steps by our independent contractor trainers.


9G: How would you say 9Gauge performed for Camp Gladiator around timing, budget, deliverables and ROI?

PM: The team has been fairly realistic. They have not over-promised and were upfront about how long projects would take or cost. They have been relatively good in those aspects overall.



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