9Gauge Helps Online Marketplace Focus on a Better Lending Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, February 2018 – If you are looking for a better platform for business loans and financing, CrowdOut Capital is the solution for you. CrowdOut ‘offers profitable, middle market and lower middle market companies a better way to raise capital.’ Since 2015, this online marketplace has brought accredited investors and investment-seeking companies together to generate millions of dollars in support. Through its success, CrowdOut has maintained driving improvements to its platform by completely offloading its accounting function to 9Gauge.

Accounting Relief

Since inception, the company utilized both the Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) and Financial Advisory Services (FAS) practices to help with their financials while keeping costs low.

“When I started CrowdOut, I needed to find an accounting solution since we did not want to hire anyone in-house,” comments CrowdOut CEO, Alexander Schoenbaum. “We needed a good, quality team that would grow with us.”

The 9Gauge Advantage

Grow alongside them, 9Gauge has. Schoenbaum attributes the support of his consulting team when building CrowdOut’s platform. “9Gauge has enabled us to go from 0 to $70 million of funded value in under two years,” notes the CEO. “Working with 9Gauge has let us focus on our core business, as well as enable us to be an audited firm from inception.”


With little accounting distractions and a strong financial foundation, CrowdOut’s team remains capable of running its core operations. 9Gauge has also helped the organization with:

  • Company Audit Support: CrowdOut’s leadership received ample assistance with 9Gauge taking on all of the audit preparation work
  • Cost & Operational efficiency: As a start-up, the company could focus on hiring talent that pushed their core business forward without sacrificing quality in accounting or finance
  • Ease of mind: 9Gauge consultants have combined decades of experience, allowing CrowdOut to trust that this department is in capable hands

“9Gauge has been a fantastic partner, both in terms of the flexibility of services (basic accounting to full audit support to high level review of some investment opportunities) and finding lending opportunities,” remarks Schoenbaum. “Our team has been extremely happy with 9Gauge. We plan to continue the relationship for a long time!”

CrowdOut: A Better Way to Raise Capital

Whether you are an investor or business executive in the market for financing, CrowdOut helps connect you with the right fit. Companies nationwide have added tens of millions of dollars to their companies on this platform. Therefore, if you are looking to raise debt or refinance it, request access to CrowdOut’s online marketplace. See what a difference it can make for you.