For more than a decade, ESO Solutions, a SaaS company in the pre-hospital and emergency department software space, has improved community health and safety nationwide through the power of data. ESO helps fire, EMS and hospital emergency departments through bidirectional data sharing. This enables hospitals and EMS departments to perform comparative analysis of their data, increase operational efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and much more. After the company closed a Series C of financing in July 2016, they hired Jennifer Mabe as CFO that August with the goal of building a scalable framework.

Building A Scalable Framework

With the Series C round, ESO anticipated significant growth – organically and inorganically – and needed a structure to support that expansion.

The first order of business was an optimization of our G/L software within NetSuite and systems integration work with our CRM,” Mabe recalls. “That was Phase I. The engagement then evolved into transactional services support and key systems design, integration and deployment [Zuora] as we rebuilt our finance function.”

In a world where data matters, ESO keeps you connected.

As the number of projects grew, Mabe knew she needed an external resource to fulfill their diverse needs. Her analysis of vendors in the area led to ESO’s connection with 9Gauge. Joe Cohen, Partner at 9Gauge, led the 9Gauge team at ESO. 9Gauge deployed consultants to support the accounting, finance and systems functions across various levels of expertise.

The 9Gauge Advantage

Prior to 9Gauge coming in, ESO’s financial processes were very manual, labor intensive, and error prone due to a lack of automation. 9Gauge helped streamline those processes, implement new systems, and develop a reporting package so that ESO leadership could get the information they needed in a timely manner.

“We can now better report on important key metrics, as well as measure our KPIs. 9Gauge helped improve our data integrity and the way we manage our business,” Mabe notes. “We were faced with significant goals and initiatives in 2017 and without the support of 9Gauge, we would have failed.”

Along with supporting their financial data needs, 9Gauge has helped the organization with:

  • Turning Technical Requirements into Strategy: ESO’s leadership team can better translate technical business specifications, as they map out strategy
  • Building Data Integrity: By reducing the number of manual financial processes, ESO cuts down on possible human calculation errors while increasing operational efficiency
  • NetSuite Optimization: 9Gauge helped reconfigure ESO’s NetSuite G/L to better export reports around key business drivers
  • Systems Integration: 9Gauge helped design the Zuora system – assisting with the technical side of the implementation
  • Maintaining Operations – Distraction-Free: The company’s accounting team could not miss its deadlines (e.g., month-end close, payroll, reporting, etc.), so 9Gauge offered its fractional, flexible resources to fit the right roles at the right time
  • A Network of Solutions: 9Gauge connected ESO with a few service providers and vendors from our broad partner network for additional support
  • Consolidating a System: 9Gauge aggregated 50+ (yes, that’s 50) spreadsheets into one master data set and introduced Salesforce for all team members to use as a single data source, effectively aligning both internal and external teams


Turning Difficult Acquisitions into Seamless Transitions

With the injection of capital, ESO grew through acquisitions. 9Gauge was brought in post-deal to ensure the integration and quality of earnings proved true per the initial agreement. As the private equity board reviewed ESO’s latest transaction, 9Gauge focused on improving the necessary accounting tools and processes that drove it to completion.

We provided regular weekly reporting and updates to Mabe which were shared at the C-level. Our team effectively synthesized all of this complexity in an easily digestible format that was able to communicate the QoE, ARR and other crucial metrics to the Board.


ESO Solutions: Improving Community Health and Safety Through the Power of Data

As Mabe points out, “Working with 9Gauge…allows me to step out of the weeds…and be a more strategic CFO. Our team can better assess M&A and focus outward rather than worry about the finance function. Through 9Gauge’s help, we have been able to build a fully standalone finance function. This allows me to take on more of the strategic initiatives for ESO.”

9Gauge continues to work with ESO. ESO continues to develop its service offering through its Series C and further acquisitions. They have been an Inc. 5000 recipient for five straight years, a 2015 Best Places to Work winner, and a regular on the Austin’s Tech100. For more information about ESO, visit their website here.


Evolving Business in a Changing World

The world is constantly changing, the finance and accounting industries along with it. In our digital world, those who don’t adapt can get left behind. Not sure where to start? Our team’s expertise allows us to guide you through the process with financial advisory, finance & business intelligence, transaction advisory and systems integration services. Let 9Gauge help you navigate these changes to ensure a seamless transition into growing your business and accelerating your vision.


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