Standardizing Customer-Facing Reporting Tools for Growing B2B Company

AUSTIN, Texas, July 2017 – Ethoca connects credit card issuers and merchants on a secure network to stop fraud. With headquarters and corporate finance team in Toronto, the Austin-based sales support and client services teams had challenges in turning raw data about its customers’ transactions into usable, customer-facing content. Ethoca needed scalable solutions both internally and externally.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

“We have a number of major e-commerce retailers and issuers as our customers, and we were creating custom ad-hoc reports for them,” notes Ethoca SVP of Industry Solutions, Julie Fergerson“It was not scalable.” As Ethoca acquired more clients, the company needed a template and common formats to replicate them quickly across new and existing clients.

The 9Gauge Advantage

9Gauge turned the Client’s raw data into polished reporting tools, and now the Client is in the process of implementing new software solutions to take this process to the next level.

9Gauge developed a system to build out customer-facing reporting tools so the Client had dedicated attention to this matter. Proving value to customers is essential, and 9Gauge assisted the Client in doing this by:

  • Creating client-customer-facing reporting dashboards
  • Providing analysis to build revenue streams
Benefits Achieved

Ethoca benefited from the 9Gauge team approach via:

  • Reduced time non-finance personnel spent on analytics
  • New standards for customer-facing reporting content
  • Customized dashboards for two major customer groups: merchants and card issuers, and
  • Overall, new tools to prove the value of its services to customers

“9Gauge also made many other suggestions, having a significant positive impact to our business — strengthening our relationships with our existing customers and helping both Ethoca and our customers better understand the value of our service,” notes Ethoca SVP of Industry Solutions, Julie Fergerson. “Additionally, 9Gauge has taken on projects to help us increase revenue and identify broken processes.”

Outcomes Achieved
  • Customers provided with quarterly dashboards
  • Dedicated internal team for analytics and reporting
  • Standardized reporting, representative of a more established company
 About Ethoca

Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Toronto and offices located in Austin, London and Dublin. Ethoca established itself as an innovative, one-of-a-kind global collaboration-based technology services company tackling the major issues and opportunities in CNP payments. Ethoca’s network consists of card issuing banks and online merchants working cooperatively together through a single, automated, secure connection outside the payment networks stream to their mutual benefit.

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