National Recruiting Firm Looks to the Future…through Better Financial Forecasting

AUSTIN, Texas, March 2018 – HireBetter, a Texas-based talent consulting firm, is a retained search and talent consulting firm that helps middle market clients see more growth faster with pro-active strategies for long-term needs and short-term pressures. As a new kind of agency, HireBetter offers honest, open, strategic advice based in real-world experience. The firm from the start works alongside its clients to fulfill a variety of talent needs, and it needed to build on its trending growth with more developed internal tools.

Unlock Success With the Hidden Power of Talent

A Search to Improve Profit Margins

In 2015, Kurt Wilkin, CEO of HireBetter, sought to improve operations and insights into their diverse service offerings. Wilkin sought to fulfill the company’s need for more metrics and forward-thinking analytics while working toward a common goal for businesses – efficiently improve company profitability. With HireBetter’s team able to service its clients in a variety of functions, the firm’s leadership brought in 9Gauge to deep dive into each practice and forecast forward.

The 9Gauge Advantage

9Gauge conducted a discovery session to plan and prioritize various projects for our business. With HireBetter offering its clients multiple services (i.e., Executive Search, Targeted Search, Interim Search, and Advisory Services), 9Gauge identified various key areas for deep dive access and more visibility into each business line. In addition to accounting support, 9Gauge’s forecasting analysis helped Wilkin better understand how to choose the right kind of clients and improve each engagement.

As Wilkin acknowledges, “Without 9Gauge, we would be like many companies and makeshift operate our way though the day. But we are not in that position. I gladly chose 9Gauge because we felt they were the right solution for us – one that could scale with us.”

With the help of 9Gauge consultants, HireBetter has noticed a positive change in the office. The addition of GAAP financials and forecasting tools both drive the company closer to solving their goals to maximize profitability in the expanding firm. HireBetter continues to call on 9Gauge for ongoing projects and model updates.

“Partnering with 9Gauge has been fantastic,” mentioned Wilkin. “Our 9Gauge team has allowed us to be more strategic and forward-looking. Their finance function helps us determine what we need from a revenue, cost, and resource perspective.”

While developing more effective financial operations and tools for HireBetter, 9Gauge also helped to:

“One of the reasons we love 9Gauge is that they are highly invested in their clients, vendors, and network. That’s why 9Gauge has been so successful. It’s not just about the bottom line for them,” summarizes the HireBetter CEO. “It’s about what they are building in the community of Austin.”

HireBetter | Unlock Success With the Hidden Power of Talent

The HireBetter team continues to partner with its clients throughout the organizational lifecycle with their four fully integrated service lines. Their team challenges business leaders to improve results by rethinking the common perception around talent. For more information about HireBetter or to contact them about services, visit their website.