Custom Gifting Platform Expands Its Ecosystem Through 9Gauge

AUSTIN, Texas, December 2016 – Loop & Tie, a unique digital gifting company, takes a stand against the one-size-fits-all approach. From the eyes of its founder and CEO, Sara Rodell, Loop & Tie is a gifting experience. It drives engagements through “the gift of choice.” The company has stormed the corporate and mass gifting industry by offering its recipients the ability to choose what they want from a curated collection of products. In 2015, Loop & Tie found its own gift of choice – a strategic partner who presented them with a roadmap to build long-term growth.

Preparing for the Next Stage of Growth

Rodell met with members of the 9Gauge Leadership team to discuss her vision of the company. In the Discovery session, 9Gauge practice leaders white boarded an internal and external development plan to map out a path to achieve her goals. Understanding Loop & Tie’s limited budget and resources, 9Gauge took complete ownership of the internal financial function, providing:

Loop & Tie

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  • Strategic CFO advisory for a corporate growth plan
  • Financial Analysis to build a financial Equity model
  • Streamlined transactional processes, organized accounts, and best practices

From a market presence perspective, Rodell received – and continues to receive – a number of referral clients, including 9Gauge itself.

“The biggest differentiator with [9Gauge] is their holistic approach to partnership; they’re not just a financial firm, they’re a thought partner in helping us get to our next stage of growth. In addition, they proactively think about ways for us to improve our business, share best practices gleaned from years of experiences and connect us with other start ups and clients,” notes the Loop & Tie CEO. “Working with 9Gauge means you’re entering into their ecosystem of growth, not just hiring a financial team.”


A Two-Way Partnership

Since their 9Gauge partnership, Loop & Tie has been able to focus its resources on building the core business. The leadership team continues to incorporate the financial model into its decision-making process with the help of its consulting CFO. However, the relationship has proven to be a two-way street. 9Gauge and its clients found an effective solution to enhance corporate relations year round.

“As much as we love delivering value to the Loop & Tie leadership team, it feels even more gratifying to know that we are their client, as well. We recognized early on what a great solution they are for us to effortlessly solve our client gifting needs,” mentions Jonathan Hines, Partner at 9Gauge. I enjoy hearing our other clients remark about how much they love the Loop & Tie experience!” 

Find Your Last Minute Solution to Holiday Gifting

Loop & Tie is the ideal gifting solution that lets your family, friends, colleagues, or clients choose their favorite gifts. Whether its to “Say Thanks”, “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, or to tell someone “Happy Holidays,” it is always a good time to send a gift. Their corporate gifting platform allows for mass recipients customizable by collection, design, and messaging. With a back office to track all your team’s and recipients’ activity, you will always feel connected! For more information about Loop & Tie or their corporate gifting solutions, contact Lindsey Jordan ( or visit their website.