Intelligent Advertising Location Platform Prepare Market for Effective Communication with 9Gauge

AUSTIN, Texas, January 2017 – Moasis, a Texas-based full location technology stack, for years has delivered a simple, powerful advertising tool utilized by top brands and ad agencies. Its unified platform tracks consumer data and identifies opportunities for informed communications. In turn, Moasis helps businesses maximize their mobile ad reach. As a result, the company plans to scale with a rising positive market reception and an improved finance function.

In 2016, the company grew beyond the capabilities of their current accounting team. For their leadership, it was time to ensure their financials were under control. As such, Steve and Ryan Golden, the Executive Chairman and CEO of Moasis, respectively, sought for a strategic financial partner poised to make key business introductions while developing their internal reporting. 9Gauge offered the two the right financial team with both experience in their industry and the skills for a necessary solution. Consultants worked alongside the Moasis team to understand their long-term goals and build a roadmap with attainable financial milestones.

The 9Gauge Advantage

“9Gauge has been extremely diligent with their efforts. They incorporated their forecast model into our current revenue model – updating our processes and keeping us informed. Their team looked under the ‘hood’ of our business to make sure the engine was running smoothly,” notes Steve Golden, Executive Chairman of Moasis. “And if anyone looked at it now, they would really understand the working process.”

9Gauge’s holistic approach ensured that the company was better capable of owning their financials. Also, the team has provided the Moasis leadership team:

  • Financial Tools, Dashboards, and Models for Key Decision-Making purposes
  • A Revised Chart of Accounts more focused on clear, quality Financial Reporting
  • Streamlined transactional and financial processes

“We truly believe that all our clients offer the market an amazing set of services, and in the case of Moasis, a prime tool to enhance targeted location-based advertising,” acknowledges Jonathan Hines, partner at 9Gauge. “For business leaders, having the right suite of tools, such as an improved financial function or marketing platform, can make all the difference when reaching your goals.”

Moving forward, Moasis looks to utilize 9Gauge in future efforts, as it expands within an intelligent mobile marketing industry.

Moasis: The Ad Platform for You

“Location decisioning is a major factor for businesses – beyond the ad industry. People are waking up to the importance of understanding their client behavior. Consumer location analysis starts at delivering messages at the right time at the right location, then optimize to that,” summarizes the Moasis Executive Chairman. “That is why we spend money. We need to move beyond the ‘Spray and Pray’ advertising mentality.” 

For more information about Moasis or optimizing your advertising with their services, visit their website here.