Bringing Family-Owned Recipes to Dinner Tables Across the Southwest   

 SHINER, Texas – Shiner Smokehouse, a family-owned business established in 1937, has been producing high-quality, smoked meat products – carefully prepared with time and superior spices – initially for the Shiner community. Currently led by Brian Patek, CEO, the company is quickly expanding across the state and the entire Southwest region with its signature products. That plan to scale led Patek to 9Gauge Partners.

Building Top-Line Growth

In the beginning of 2016, Brian Patek connected with 9Gauge for strategic consulting services. The CPG retailer was in search of an optimal solution to drive sell-through for top line growth to expand its distribution. With a variety of marketing and financing options, 9Gauge stepped in to assess the tactical direction and optimal investment to his business.

The 9Gauge Advantage

9Gauge sat through a discovery session to map out multiple business scenarios for the company. Consultants then built a robust forecast model using key business drivers to analyze the costs for the different options. “Their deeper dive approach to find the levers that affect your business is great, but it’s more their ability and desire to keep driving home the importance of managing those levers,” commented the Shiner CEO. Through strategic CFO support, Patek has been more informed on several major decisions to enhance fund raising, top line growth, and profitability.

In addition to the firm’s recurring deliverables, 9Gauge leadership members introduced Patek to strategic partners within the 9Gauge ecosystem which helped:

  • Drive process efficiencies
  • Improve his product cost and payment terms
  • Deliver marketing support to drive brand awareness
  • Increase internet sales

The foundation is now set for dashboard visualization and a more reliable forecast that will provide the actionable insights needed to manage his business.

After meeting with Brian Devany, a Director and consulting CFO at 9Gauge Partners, and his team at the beginning of 2016, I have seen significant improvements in my company, including key tools to manage my business,” said Brian Patek. “Beyond just the basics of what a typical CFO firm provides, 9Gauge has a full team [that] are passionate to see my business succeed.”

Shiner Smokehouse is a current 9Gauge client. Its six packaged products are sold through multiple retailers throughout the entire Austin area. For more information, Click Here.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge Partners delivers best practices finance and advisory services to provide executives with the business insights they need to make better decisions faster.  Consultants are deployed on engagements in teams, rather than as isolated resources. Clients receive the best expertise for each phase of the work needed, driven by a culture of collaboration and accountability among the team members.  Unlike traditional consulting services firms that provide a “resource” to execute tasks based on the clients’ guidance, 9Gauge deploys teams of consultants at blended rates that often are less costly than a single resource.  This often results in completing the work more efficiently and more quickly, as a result of putting the right skills on each task. 9Gauge goes beyond the approach of “just getting the work done” as prescribed by the client, and delivers recommendations to optimize finance and accounting processes and implement efficiencies where possible. Our continued commitment to excellence in our delivery to clients drives long-term relationships, and continuing to maintain a great work culture enhances our ability to attract and retain great talent.

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