National Sign Seller Finds Improved Business Reporting with 9Gauge 

AUSTIN, Texas – Super Cheap Signs, a Texas-based sign printing company, ships over 10,000 U.S.-made products, including yard signs, banners, and magnets, to all 50 states. They are a full-service provider – filling the role as a 24/7 direct manufacturer, wholesaler, and professional designer. The team continues to see positive growth in the market in part by pricing products significantly lower than other sign companies.

A Search for Financial Insights

In 2015, Jon Holmquist, President & CEO of Super Cheap Signs, sought to better understand his expansive offerings of his business. He was looking for a financial analyst, primarily for costing analysis. His business produced massive data entered into workbooks regularly. In response, Holmquist searched for a solution to make updates easily and communicate more simply. He connected with 9Gauge after hearing about the firm, surprisingly from a competitor.

The 9Gauge Advantage

According to Holmquist, “9Gauge conducted a discovery session to plan and prioritize various projects for our business. 9Gauge found a number of key areas to deliver deep dive access and more visibility into each product line, material cost, etc. What 9Gauge proposed went beyond financial analysis. Their consultants recommended tools to deliver business insights, including updated production reports, sales reconciliations, and marketing costing models.” 


Many companies fall victim to extensive, time consuming and routine processes that can easily be automated. “One of the many benefits Jon’s team realized was reducing the time spent on building production reports from a full week, to under 1 minute a week!” noted David Dolmanet, Managing Director of the 9Gauge Financial Advisory Services (FAS) practice. 9Gauge automated future templates to accommodate the next 10 years and recovered an entire week of time for his team to focus on other needs.”

Through a multitude of reporting packages that 9Gauge created, Super Cheap Signs has been able to:

  • Achieve real-time reliability and accuracy for his daily sales reconciliations
  • Analyze profitability by product
  • Reduce reporting updates substantially

Jon continues to leverage 9Gauge for ongoing projects and model updates. “9Gauge has taken a lot of data and turned it into actionable information,” emphasized the Super Cheap Signs CEO. “And that’s a fact!”

In June 2016, 9Gauge featured Jon in his trek across the West to support his cause, “Race for Sophia,” one of many charitable contributions the CEO regularly makes. Read more about his journey here.

For more information about Super Cheap Signs or ordering their products, visit their website.