Veretek, a Texas-based technology manufacturing company, produces Multiphase submersible pumps for oil production applications. With its revolutionary V-pump, the manufacturer enables customers to maintain the usefulness of wells to be used for production.

Since 2014, Veretek has garnered success with its innovative products throughout North and South America. Due to its rapid growth in recent years, the company turned to NetSuite to support its complex operations and goals to expand revenue. In 2018, NetSuite recommended 9Gauge, its North American Partner of the Year, to help smoothly implement the ERP software. We spoke with Veretek’s Controller, Glenn Burton, who shared his take on the challenges Veretek faced before NetSuite + 9Gauge and how they were resolved:


9G: When you were assessing ERP systems, what was the turning point to switch to NetSuite?

GB: Prior to NetSuite, Veretek was on QuickBooks, which is a decent system for a very small company, but it would not be able to provide us with the information we needed to be a viable, growing company. Our top challenges were the timeliness of receiving data and the ability to grow our business. We wanted to grow into a complex manufacturing company with expanded revenue growth, and QuickBooks was not able to support that.


9G: Can you expand on your experience with 9Gauge throughout the NetSuite implementation process?

GB: When I came on board, I found the 9Gauge team to be very knowledgeable and very personable. The consultants listened to what our issues were, understood what the issues meant, and knew the problems behind our issues. They could recommend different routes and opportunities, bringing in additional members from 9Gauge to help us organize our expansion and growth with NetSuite and arrange them in a better order so that we could meet all of our goals and preferred outcomes.


9G:  How has the work 9Gauge has done for you improved your company’s strategy, planning, day-to-day operations and the way you manage the business?

GB: First thing that NetSuite does is it provides us real-time information. With QuickBooks, we had difficulty keeping up with everything, but with NetSuite, as soon as you make a transaction on the floor, it is immediately entered into the G/L. Being an ERP system, the great thing about it is that any and every transaction that is accomplished, all the right people will be aware of it. When we ship something, we can get the invoice out immediately. We are looking for real-time information, and that helps this company with more accurate, timely information. It has helped us plan faster and react quicker.

“We used to go from closing in 15 days to closing in five days, and we are going to get it down to even 2-3 days by working with NetSuite to see how we can find information faster.”

NetSuite has helped our plans for revenue growth by showing us what our real costs are. We know where our products are in a manufacturing process. We have real-time information on the status of each stage of our manufacturing process. We know our inventory levels at all of our locations at any time. We know how all of our costs are matching to budget throughout the month. Plus, our team is using the demand plan within NetSuite to plan for the future.


9G: What was your experience working with 9Gauge like as a whole?

GB: When I came to Veretek, my goal was to Go-Live as of April 1st. That was a huge, huge undertaking, and 9Gauge spent nearly the entire month of March here at Veretek. Their team already knew the company, studied our operations, and understood how NetSuite could complement our processes without reinventing the wheel.

9Gauge’s NetSuite consultants found the low-hanging fruit of steps and best practices that we could grab right now and immediately implement. They also pointed out future opportunities that we should plan to bring on for the next 3-6 months after our Go-Live.

Finally, 9Gauge taught me – since I am an accountant and not an IT person – how to write programs and reports. It saved us a lot of money and time. I don’t think we would have made the Go-Live by April 1st without 9Gauge.


9G: What is one word or phrase you think of when you think of 9Gauge and why?

GB: Worthy. They are worthy of your trust and worthy of being a partner for your NetSuite implementation. They are worthy of what they charge because they are very good at what they do. They are worthy because of the final product with which they leave you, as you will be very satisfied.


9G: How would say 9Gauge performed around timing, budget, and ROI?

GB: 9Gauge met all of our expectations and went beyond. They were very timely and budgeted what everything was going to cost upfront. I would tell them my ideas about projects I want to address, and 9Gauge immediately identifies the costs and ROI of those projects. Then, they tell me what can and cannot work upfront without trying to falsely upsell me.

I am really happy with our work with 9Gauge. They came in under budget, which was very much appreciated. We were very much a partner throughout the entire implementation.


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