Empower Managers to Do More Themselves – Less Work for Finance, and Get More Accurate and Timely Plans

As a leading Austin-based consulting firm, 9Gauge Partners continues to utilize its partnership with Adaptive Insights to leverage innovative CPM and business intelligence solutions to help leaders make better business decisions faster. Below is a detailed look into how Adaptive Insights can help your company’s needs:

Challenge: Did you know that…

  • The #1 problem with planning, reporting and analysis processes is they take too long (Source BPM Partners).
  • One of the reasons is often because managers don’t engage with the planning process, so the whole burden falls on finance.

You are spending too much time doing what your managers should be doing themselves. The result is an inefficient use of finance resources, and LOB managers that aren’t equipped to make timely decisions.

Opportunity: What if you could…

  • Leverage an easy-to-use, Excel-like, web-based solution that supports mobile/access from anywhere, with capabilities allowing managers to easily engage with the planning and forecasting, and analyze data themselves when they need it?

Solution: Adaptive helps by…

  • Improving decision making: Adaptive equips managers with self-service timely KPIs, alerts and self – service analytics to make better decisions, spot trends, and drill down into underlying issues.
  • Engaging managers in planning: Intuitive web based sheets enables managers to enter plans, model scenarios, and engage with the process from laptop to tablet .
  • Centrally managing global assumptions so managers could model their business based on corporate approved guidelines.
  • Reducing amount of time spent in finance supporting managers: By providing them easy access to dashboards, metrics, actuals, plans and reports when they need them.

Need Evidence? Check out these Adaptive Insights Case Studies:

  • Evo enables managers to create their own what-if scenarios for planning.
  • InfusionSoft uses collaborative planning to handle triple digit revenue growth.
  • YBCA improves manager engagement in just six weeks with Adaptive.

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