Workday Adaptive Planning, the Leading Corporate Performance Management Solution, Versus Excel Spreadsheets

As a leading Austin-based consulting firm, 9Gauge Partners continues to utilize its partnership with Workday Adaptive Planning to leverage innovative CPM and business intelligence solutions to help leaders make better business decisions faster. Below is a detailed look into how Adaptive Insights can help your company’s needs:

Challenge: Did you know that…

  • 89% of organizations still rely on spreadsheets for budgeting, planning, reporting and analysis (Source: Aberdeen Research).
  • 80% of time is spent building, evolving and managing spreadsheets versus analyzing data.
  • 90% of spreadsheets contain errors, while 90% of users are convinced they’re error free and 85% couldn’t find their own errors (Source: ACCA).

So how are you feeling now about your Spreadsheets?

  • Have you hit the wall yet?
  • Are you and the team spending too much time chasing down the data, people and errors?
  • Are your forecasts and plans keeping up with business growth?
  • Are you spending too much time on maintenance versus analysis?
  • Do you have the capacity to execute new initiatives?
  • Are you at risk if the numbers are wrong? Hinging everything entirely on spreadsheets may not be the most efficient and reliable option.

Opportunity: What if you could…

  • Reduce the time it takes to produce a budget, forecast and reports by 80%?
  • Have more confidence in the accuracy of the numbers?
  • Reflect the changes in your business immediately in the numbers?
  • Free up time so you can do more analysis and implement new initiatives?
  • Have the capacity to evolve the business quickly?
  • Leverage the investment you’ve already made in spreadsheets?


Adaptive delivers complete integrity of insight by providing you with trusted financial and operational visibility and agile planning and forecasting so that you can make better and faster top and bottom-line financial decisions.

With this, Adaptive is proven to:

  • Enable your organization to speak the same language – data, rules, metrics and reports.
  • Improve your productivity and cut your cycle times by 90%+.
  • Reduce your organizations’ risk and manual effort by 70%.

Need Evidence? Check out these Workday Adaptive Planning Case Studies:

  • CORT Business Services cuts spreadsheets from planning process
  • Papyrus cuts 250+ Spreadsheets from Budgeting Cycle
  • ‘The Association of Finance Professionals used Adaptive to replace 127 spreadsheets with one version of “the truth”.
  • Vail Resorts decreased planning time by 83%.
  • Quidel cut reporting costs by $40,000 per year.
  • DocuSign decreased time spent in spreadsheets from 80% to 20%.
  • Mayo Clinic Health Solutions increased accuracy of forecasting to 2% of actuals.
  • AAA eliminated 3,000 spreadsheets by using Adaptive.