Twenty years ago, ERP solutions were regarded as a new, cutting-edge technology that further bolstered the “digital transformation” that numerous businesses hurried to embrace. Today, as the number of users have grown exponentially, cloud ERP solutions are much more commonplace, and their benefits are now well-established. Nonetheless, their efficiencies remain as remarkable as when ERP solutions were first introduced.


Everything in One Place

Think about all the various websites and platforms you use in a day, each with different interfaces and logins. Where you house your client information is different than where you track invoicing. If you want to access marketing or sales collateral, you’ll have to jump to an entirely new platform. All of the job functions your business uses to manage daily operations – including accounting, supply chain, human resources, IT and more – are stored in different technology solutions, which invites countless opportunities for error.

Cloud technology is typically sold in package form, which gives businesses better visibility of and insights into their data because all of their tools are stored in one place – the cloud. Cloud ERP takes away manual tasks and replaces them with streamlined and automated information flow.

“NetSuite gives us a complete view of our business in real-time, and we can now look at [our items] in much greater detail than ever before. It saves the leadership team huge amounts of time time that we can better use to focus on growing our client base by 150% over the last three years.”



Saving Money

The less resources you use, the less money your company spends on IT. Purchasing an on-premise, in-house ERP solution comes with a whole host of other costly requirements: purchasing supporting hardware, hiring staff to install and manage the database, taking care of software licenses and investing in multiple servers to run the ERP across the entire company. Taking these measures can strain the finances, especially for smaller businesses.

On the other hand, with your business operations done in the cloud, all you need to run them is an internet connection. Moreover, everything is managed by the platform provider, effectively minimizing IT labor costs and saving your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to Nucleus Research, organizations who use NetSuite ERP reported a 50% reduction in IT costs.


ERP Benefits Infographic



Because cloud ERP tools are accessed through the internet, they are more mobile-friendly than basic on-premise solutions. This provides a high level of flexibility that is vital in today’s business world of frequent traveling, remote jobs and work that relies heavily on technology. Cloud-based ERP solutions provide visibility that extends beyond the office and reaches any device in any place connected to your network. Another added benefit of going mobile is that since millennials – the next generation of the workforce – are already so accustomed to using mobile devices and apps, cloud ERP is the ideal solution for change management.

Discover the Power of the Cloud With NetSuite

A reliable, effective cloud ERP system could be that one thing that gives your business a competitive edge. 9Gauge has partnered with Oracle NetSuite to bring best-in-class solutions to help your organization successfully implement NetSuite’s powerful cloud-based systems.

To this day, over 30,000 businesses have chosen the ERP that not only recognizes modern business trends but helps companies adapt and innovate in response. Considering making the switch? 9Gauge was named NetSuite’s 2018 Partner of the Year. Let us help you navigate these changes to ensure a seamless transition into growing your business and accelerating your vision.


NetSuite: The Power of Visibility

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