3 Ways Effective Corporate Gifting Makes More than Sense

AUSTIN, Texas, November 13, 2017 – Last week, Loop & Tie CEO, Sara Rodell successfully pitched her way to $250,000 of funding at Dreamforce and now joins the Salesforce Ventures portfolio. Standing before the panel of judges, including will.i.am, Shahrzad Rafati, Chris Sacca, and Guy Oseary, Rodell proposed Loop & Tie’s innovative gift platform that uses the gift as a differentiated customer interaction, and a new source of client data. Here are three takeaways from our interview with Sara after Dreamforce.

One-Size-Fits-All Isn’t a Winning Strategy…In any Part of Business

Corporate gifting is such an interesting opportunity because most every company does it, yet they’re doing it in the least sophisticated way possible. Lasting relationships are fostered through personalized interactions. We help companies achieve personalization without added effort or expense.”

Whether it is Holiday season or a time for client nurturing, gift recipients are bombarded with the same catalog of items (that in most cases, they don’t want and ignore). So why continue such a wasteful trend? Loop & Tie resolves that issue – for good. The company takes a stand against the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach’ for the corporate and mass gifting industry. It offers recipients the ability to choose what they want from a curated collection of products with an experience that’s like taking your clients shopping. Putting the gift selection in their hands eases your burden and adds a more personal touch than ever before.

Now, Address Your Outdated Relations

We view gifting as a powerful medium to support relationships in every business. Companies already manage their client relationships within Salesforce, so this competition was a huge opportunity for us to augment that experience with a tangible gift interactions.”

Traditional corporate gifting is outdated. Don’t let the same be true with your clients, prospects, and partners. At Dreamforce, Loop & Tie addressed how the platform’s integration with Salesforce helps businesses maintain active relationships. Companies utilizing its online gifting can reach all of its customers – from inactive to highly-engaged – with an extra unique touch. From visually-appealing emails to its clean selection layout, Loop & Tie moves companies beyond being another one of a hundred lost emails a day and lets you stand above the competition.

Master the Gifting Mindset for Success

Through gift choice, we’re able to show companies what their customers really care about. Gift choice facilitates feedback, making the gift exchange a real conversation. 82% of gift recipients write a thank you note back to their sender. That doesn’t happen with gift baskets.”

Loop & Tie’s gifting selection ranges in products across various lifestyle interests – home, travel, social, and much more. As your clients pick their gifts, you access another level of customer insight while personalizing each sales cycle. Imagine getting a look into your clients’ and prospects’ preferences every time you send a gift. Whether its their choice of a new dog leash, a freshly ground bag of Nicaraguan coffee, or even a donation to charity, you can elevate your relationships and steer the conversation.

Loop & Tie serves as a scalable form of personalized client outreach and source of business-building information. Through your gifting dashboard, users are able to monitor client interactions and feedback, making it easy to stay on top of it all. Companies can take advantage of their platform flexibility to customize gift collections with their own products and services, ensuring every gift is on brand.

For more information about Loop & Tie or their corporate gifting solutions, contact Lindsey Jordan or visit their website.