9Gauge Utilizes PlanGuru Partnership to Connect with Businesses in Need of Outsourced CFO Services

Austin, Texas — 9Gauge Partners has formalized another partnership with PlanGuru, a budgeting and forecasting software used by all company sizes, from entrepreneurs to large corporations. The newly-formed relationship better connects the software users to multiple experienced 9Gauge financial analysts who are able to build customized forecast models and budgets. Business leaders can take advantage of this partnership to gather more actionable information from their financials. PlanGuru now joins NetSuite, Bill.com, Expensify, and others as part of the growing 9Gauge-partnered technologies that drive value in day-to-day and long-term operations.

logo-planguru9Gauge chose PlanGuru among many to be an ideal fit based on its relatable business model. The New York-based provider has successfully served thousands of clients worldwide. It has been noted in a variety of publications, including Inc. Magazine and AccountingToday. The company’s focus on connecting clients in need of financial planning with skilled analysts directly led to the PlanGuru partnership with 9Gauge’s financial advisory and systems integration services.

The 9Gauge partnership with PlanGuru directly aligns with our value proposition to clients by offering the necessary tools for business leaders to build their forecasts and budgets,” said Jonathan Hines, Partner, responsible for Firm Development. “Their software fits into our Integrated Technology Platform, providing business leaders an efficient alternative to Excel with flexible modeling and forecasting capabilities, a debt modeling tool, and quickly and easily pulls in data from QuickBooks.”

Over the past 6 years, 9Gauge has provided over 190 clients a full range of financial advisory services from corporate strategy to transactional accounting. The firm covers this spectrum through its Integrated Technology Program (ITP), a technology ecosystem that utilizes partner programs to leverage leading system and application providers for day-to-day financial work-flow efficiencies. The PlanGuru partnership offers 9Gauge clients another platform to ease the budgeting and planning process.

We are excited to work with such a progressive thinking firm like 9Gauge. By intelligently building a budgeting, forecasting and performance review process in PlanGuru, 9Gauge helps their clients better gain clarity into their business, enabling them to make more profitable decisions,” noted Christian Wielage, CEO, PlanGuru.

Similar to the firm’s relations with other tools and systems, PlanGuru aligns with its Systems Integration practice’s goal to optimize a business’ return on technology. PlanGuru’s goal of connecting its users to outsourced advisory services, such as 9Gauge, only enhances a company’s understanding into their business. Leadership members can streamline the time taken in their planning process and focus more on developing strategies and operations. As such, the PlanGuru partnership with 9Gauge expands the firm’s ability to better deliver recommendations to reliable forecasting, budgeting, operational practices, and efficiencies.

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About PlanGuru

PlanGuru is business budgeting, forecasting, and performance review software designed to help companies and nonprofits make better decisions. Whether it’s a high level forecast for the bank or a detailed multi-departmental operating budget, PlanGuru enables you (or your team) to produce a more accurate analysis in less time.

PlanGuru combines a flexible framework with sophisticated yet easy-to-use forecasting tools, at a value that is unrivaled. PlanGuru users range from entrepreneurs, small businesses, and business advisors to multi-national manufacturers and major universities.

About 9Gauge Partners

9Gauge Partners delivers best practices finance and advisory services to provide executives with the business insights they need to make better decisions faster.  Consultants are deployed on engagements in teams, rather than as isolated resources. Clients receive the best expertise for each phase of the work needed, driven by a culture of collaboration and accountability among the team members.  Unlike traditional consulting services firms that provide a “resource” to execute tasks based on the clients’ guidance, 9Gauge deploys teams of consultants at blended rates that often are less costly than a single resource.  This often results in completing the work more efficiently and more quickly, as a result of putting the right skills on each task. 9Gauge goes beyond the approach of “just getting the work done” as prescribed by the client, and delivers recommendations to optimize finance and accounting processes and implement efficiencies where possible. Our continued commitment to excellence in our delivery to clients drives long-term relationships, and continuing to maintain a great work culture enhances our ability to attract and retain great talent.

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