Experienced Systems Exec to further 9Gauge’s NetSuite offering

AUSTIN, Texas, January 30, 2018 — 9Gauge Partners, a leader in delivering financial advisory, systems, and consulting services in Austin, Texas, today announced the hire of Jeff Locklear to NetSuite Practice Director.

Jeff Locklear brings over two decades of business and information systems experience with him as 9Gauge’s NetSuite Practice Director. Prior to 9Gauge, Locklear led a team of Professional Services consultants and project managers at NetSuite. He has partnered with sales teams to scope out Statements of Work, engaged and managed clients on an executive level, and launched numerous successful, on-schedule mid-market and enterprise implementations.

“Jeff is an exceptional leader and team builder. He leads by example and works tirelessly to overcome the challenges and goals of our clients while supporting the great people he enjoys working with,” said Brian White, Founder and Managing Partner at 9Gauge Partners. “I’m excited to have Jeff join the 9Gauge team.”

Here is our interview with the new 9Gauge NetSuite Practice Director:
What interested you about 9Gauge to want to join the company? 

JL: “The people. 9Gauge has assembled a great group of people who are truly competent in what they do. More importantly, they truly care about the people they work with and want to make a difference in the lives of the clients that we serve.”

More generally, what interests you about working in business systems (ERP, CPM, CRM, BI tools, etc.)? 

JL: “I have implemented these software tools for many years and have consulted with clients for many years. The one main driving factor in my passion for this work is that I get to make a huge difference in people’s daily lives. I get to help people and companies create efficiencies in their business processes. Also, I help them to find answers to pressing questions in a very timely manner. All of this has the intended effect of allowing people to get their jobs done more efficiently. Hopefully, it also allows them to spend more time with their families, away from work.”

Now as the NetSuite Practice Director, how would you describe your approach to leading/building your practice/team?

JL: “My approach to leading and building a team is simple: Lead by example. I hire competent people and get out of their way. I always have frequent, open, non-judgemental communication with my employees. This allows us all to work very well together and accomplish great things.”

Could you elaborate on your experiences at NetSuite and how you could bring the knowledge you’ve attained there to 9Gauge?

JL: “I was very fortunate at NetSuite to had worked with and lead a great team of people. In addition, I served a very diverse group of clients over the years. This varied of people and organizations gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and a leader. Through them, I gained much needed knowledge of the entire breadth of the NetSuite product. So, I bring that with me and hopefully I can impart some of that advice and knowledge that will allow us to better serve our clients.”

What are some of your goals for 9Gauge and NetSuite in 2018?

JL: “To build the NetSuite practice to be the #1 North American Regional Partner. Also, to make sure that we not only implement software, but we serve our clients so well that they are delighted and are able to realize the true benefits of the NetSuite product from day 1.”

What would you say are the biggest obstacles to overcome to reach this goal?

JL: “Hiring the right mix of high quality people in a short amount of time.”

Choose one word (or a few words) to describe what a client should expect from working with you and NetSuite.

JL: “Dedication, openness, honesty and excellence.”

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