One-Minute Read

Who They Were: A software organization looking to sell

What We Did: Sell side support, accounting clean-up, FP&A budgeting and reporting (Adaptive Insights implementation)

Why This Story Matters (Lessons Learned):

Plenty of software companies go through acquisitions or organizational carve-outs every year. However, several are not primed for a seamless transaction. Don’t fall victim to losing deal value or increasing integration costs by having a massive historical financial and operational clean-up ahead of them. Stay focused on running your organization effectively, while an experienced partner works with you to manage your integration and set your deal up for long-term success.


About Our 1-Min Reads – M&A Edition

What’s worse than being that person that has a 100-day plan that runs to six months? Or having a great company but a slow and delayed integration? Or losing people due to power struggles? It’s important to know the status of what’s going on, where things stand, and to have ample information needed for a seamless transition.


Evolving Business in a Changing World

The world is constantly changing, the finance and accounting industries along with it. In our digital world, those who don’t adapt can get left behind. Not sure where to start? Our team’s expertise allows us to guide you through the process with financial advisorytransaction advisory and systems integration services. Let 9Gauge help you navigate these changes to ensure a seamless transition into growing your business and accelerating your vision.

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