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ADAPTIVE INSIGHTS: Upgrade Your Business With Rolling Forecasts

Do you want to reduce your manual forecasting time by 50%? Is forecast quality and transparency the missing piece to your team’s effective decision-making process?

Learn why you should do away with the traditional budget process and move to a Rolling Forecast.

Get your inputs and align them with your innovation plan. Then update the forecast based on events that have occurred and make changes accordingly. Now you are armed with information based on the constant flow of data on sales and expenses. 


Why consider a Rolling Forecast?

1. Enable agile responses to changing market conditions

2. Optimize decision-making for better planning

3. Identify future performance gaps

4. Help senior executives manage performance expectations

5. Shorten long planning cycles with a more efficient model—and direct the extra time toward more strategic activities

Today’s economic volatility requires companies to rethink their approaches to budgeting and planning. Take the next step today and read our eBook “5 Steps to Getting Your Business Onboard with Rolling Forecasts.” Find out if Rolling Forecasting is the new direction for your organization!

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