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ADAPTIVE INSIGHTS: Long-Term Sales Planning

Imagine leading your business with real-time, actionable insights for improved planning, budgeting, and forecasting. With Adaptive, you and your team can compress the planning cycle with access to immediate results. Change to more automated reporting. Visualize with integrated dashboards. Take control of your operations.

Plan, Budget, and Forecast With Adaptive Insights:

Use Growth Assumptions and Drivers to project out 3 to 5 years

Compare and assess various outcomes based on multiple scenarios

Forecast by lines-of-business (LOB), region, channel, and segment

Interact with results through integrated dashboards

Understand previous trends and seasonality changes

Additional Benefits With Adaptive Insights:

In-Sheet Visualization: Drill down into any data point

Excel Interface: Experience Adaptive seamlessly via Web or Excel

OfficeConnect: Create high-quality board reports books in Microsoft Office





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