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Intuitive, built for the cloud, and easy to use, Adaptive Consolidation enables organizations to consolidate their financials accurately and required by traditional enterprise solutions.

Jump Ahead With Adaptive Insights:

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Track Processes Collaboratively: Define deliverables, assign users, monitor their status, and track their closure

Easily Integrate Actuals: View and report on consolidated actual data across all sources

Powerful Multi-Currency Management: Automate currency exchange and enhance reporting capabilities by reporting any data in any currency

Manage Ownership Percent: Perform what-if scenario analysis of change in ownership, follow IFRS and GAAP requirements, and report change as they occur

Streamline Allocations: Replace multiple complex formulas with rules that are easy to create and understand and adapt to changing rules, regulations, and company policy

Journal Entries & Reclassifications: Enforce balanced updates to actuals using journal entries and provide transparency for auditors

More Visibility & Auditability: Use audit trail reports to find out who changed what and when with drag-and-drop reporting

Additional Benefits With Adaptive Insights:

In-Sheet Visualization: Drill down into any data point

Excel Interface: Experience Adaptive seamlessly via Web or Excel

OfficeConnect: Create high-quality board reports books in Microsoft Office

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