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Adaptive Discovery, a core part of Adaptive Insights’ unified platform for planning and analysis, enables executives, finance teams, and line-of-business managers to go from data to insights faster. Completely integrated into the planning process, Adaptive Discovery provides real-time data visualization and exploration—all in the cloud.

Visualize and Analyze With Adaptive Insights:

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Visual Discovery and Analysis: Quickly understand performance, identify the root cause of problems, and determine the best corrective action.

In-Context Analytics: Never get out of sync with your data. Visualizations are always real time.

Purpose-Built for Finance: Access custom score carding, cross-planning/time-based variance and contribution analytics, and zone/trend indications

Additional Benefits With Adaptive Insights:

In-Sheet Visualization: Drill down into any data point

Excel Interface: Experience Adaptive seamlessly via Web or Excel

OfficeConnect: Create high-quality board reports books in Microsoft Office

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