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Adaptive Integration for Planning, a robust, ‘customer controlled’ integration platform, provides flexibility in working with your data sources supporting a full range of integration options from cloud to on premises including general ledger, HR and ERP applications. Adaptive Integration for Planning further extends a customer’s ability to bring data into all applications within the Adaptive Suite. Data designers can create enterprise-class data integrations, configure data sources, define data transformations and preparation, as well as automate scheduled data loads.

Key Integration Capabilities With Adaptive Insights:

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Accessible Data: Access and configure connectivity into any source system

Define Parameters and Drivers: Auto-map source accounts, level and dimensions to Adaptive Planning entities

Understand Your Business: Visualize and transform data within the staging area

Additional Benefits With Adaptive Insights:

End-to-End Integration: Adaptive Integration delivers a business-friendly user experience throughout the Adaptive Suite

Reduced Manual Reporting: A multi-day project becomes a drag and drop exercise within the Adaptive Integration staging area

Quality Data for Decision Making: Richer financial models and improved forecast accuracy

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