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With Adaptive OfficeConnect, it’s easy to create high-quality reports, board books, and presentations with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Completely connected with Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation, it’s the best way to create dynamic, visually appealing reports always based on the latest data.

Comprehensive and Connected Reporting With Adaptive Insights:

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Create Beautiful Reports in Office: Create presentation-quality Microsoft Office reports dynamically integrated with Adaptive Planning 

Build Reports Fast: Convert existing Excel-formatted reports into connected reports in minutes. Run and refresh reports with a single click

Push Your Template for Success: Drive consistent look and feel with integrated report, board book, and presentation smart linking

Create Intelligent, Connected Reports:  Generate accurate, timely reports with advanced integration between Adaptive Planning, Consolidation and Microsoft Office

Develop a Dynamic Reporting Package: Incorporate any data in Adaptive Planning and Consolidation, including actuals, plans, budgets, and forecasts

Empower Decision-makers: Filter data and reports by dimension, time period, hierarchy, version, or attribute

Additional Benefits With Adaptive Insights:

In-Sheet Visualization: Drill down into any data point

Excel Interface: Experience Adaptive seamlessly via Web or Excel

OfficeConnect: Create high-quality board reports books in Microsoft Office

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