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Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation deliver powerful interactive reporting as a standard feature. No programming or special skills are required to use the simple drag and-drop interface, so users of all kinds can create and run their own reports for analysis. Upgrade your financial and management reporting with Adaptive – in the cloud.

Report, Plan, and Consolidate With Adaptive Insights:

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Easy to Design. Easy to View: Create sophisticated, flexible reports capable of data drill downs and various formats

Completely Secure and Traceable: Eliminate risk of exposing sensitive information, yet maintain secure audit trail reports

Organized Reports, Board Books, & Presentations: Automate consistent report packages across Excel, Word, & PowerPoint

Additional Benefits With Adaptive Insights:

In-Sheet Visualization: Drill down into any data point

Excel Interface: Experience Adaptive seamlessly via Web or Excel

OfficeConnect: Create high-quality board reports books in Microsoft Office

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