Improve Your Finance Team’s Capability and Productivity

As a leading Austin-based consulting firm, 9Gauge Partners continues to utilize its partnership with Adaptive Insights to leverage innovative CPM and business intelligence solutions to help leaders make better business decisions faster. Below is a detailed look into how Adaptive Insights can help your company’s reporting needs:

Challenge: Did you know that…

  • Two-thirds of companies have cycle times of days or weeks to integrate data from source systems into spreadsheets or BI tools.
  • For many companies, financial and operational data is often out of date for decision making.
  • Worse yet, many business users are unable to self-serve on reporting due to complexity and inability to access data easily.
  • The average organization spends over $0.80 on reporting alone for every $1,000 of revenue, the equivalent of $200k for a $250M organization, or $400K for a $500M company (Source: APQC).

You’re wasting your time collecting the data, when you could be analyzing and understanding how to improve the business. The fact is that organizations that use analytics are proven to be more productive and more profitable than their peers – and grow 2X faster according to McKinsey. By not reporting and analyzing in a timely way, you are losing the opportunity to analyze business performance and take action in a timely way.

Opportunity: What if you could…

  • Streamline and enhance your management and financial reporting with self-service, real-time reporting capabilities that can cut time spent generating reports by weeks?

Solution: Adaptive helps by…

  • Improving the speed of reporting with information that’s always up to date.
  • Enabling self-service: Drag and drop report construction enables business users to create their own dashboards and reports, eliminating reliance on IT.
  • Improving financial and operational reporting: Complete range of P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Revenue and Expense reports, Variance Analysis reports, and more across Finance, Sales and Operations.
  • Delivering Visual insights: Rich dashboards make it easier for finance and business managers to spot trends, drill down and analyze data.
  • Integrating completely with Microsoft Office, making it simple to refresh reports with just a single click.


  • Quidel reduced reporting cycle times from 5 days to 1 day.
  • Papyrus reduced time spent producing monthly reports
  • NorthStar Financial Services cut reporting times by 70%.