Face-to-Face with Our 9Gauge Client & Co-Presenter After the Convention

AUSTIN, Texas, May 19, 2017 – NetSuite’s iconic SuiteWorld is in the books for 2017. The lasting impact, however, has only begun. For thousands of users, developers, and sponsors, including Eduphoria, SuiteWorld represents a launching point to reaching their goals. We caught up with our co-presenter from the conference, Sarah Niederstadt, to discuss her experience at the event, her takeaways about NetSuite, and her advice for anyone looking to add the ERP system or attend SuiteWorld in the future. Below is part 2 of 2 in our SuiteWorld 17 interview series.

9GAUGE: How was SuiteWorld17? NetSuite mentioned there were over 6,000 people registered.

S. NIEDERSTADT: SuiteWorld was fantastic, overwhelmingly fantastic. There was so much to do, so much to learn. Everything felt very well organized. There were a lot of people there, but it did not seem overly crowded. You were never waiting in line, and you never really realized the vast number of people until you were all in the same room for the keynotes. They very efficiently managed the flow of the conference.

9G: There were a number of sponsors and exhibits. Did any stand out to you and Eduphoria?

SN: We did and were really excited to learn more about Expensify. We are ready to get our expenses optimized and integrated with NetSuite. Our entire team is looking forward to learning more about them on our own [and with 9Gauge, an Expensify partner] as our next step.

9G: What was it like to present on stage?

SN: It went very well! Randy and I presented to a smaller group. We had 45 min to present and 15 min for Q&A. He and I answered a lot of good questions. Afterward, we met a few people who wanted more 1-on-1 questions.

9G: Having 1-on-1 Q&A’s afterward must have been very specific. What questions did they ask?

SN: There were questions about our experience and our solutions with NetSuite. Some people could relate to our SaaS business model, so they wanted to know how much time we spent to upkeep the software and what methods we utilized to meet our team’s goals.

9G: I’m glad that your team enjoyed it. Overall, what was your favorite part of SuiteWorld?

SN: That’s a hard question because I do not think I can choose just one. Well, there was always something going on. There was constant entertainment – always something to do – which became exhausting, but it was a great experience. You didn’t get tired until the very end. NetSuite managed the entire event well.

9G: What would you recommend for anyone considering attending SuiteWorld in the future?

SN: Oh! I do have a couple points:

– One, figure out who your rep is ahead of time. Then, see what sessions they would recommend for what you are trying to accomplish. Some of the best sessions were recommended by my rep that i would not have picked, as the descriptions did not really appeal to me. Those turned out as the ones that I learned the most.

– Two, attend as many sessions as possible, especially anything that NetSuite sponsors. You meet plenty of people and network with other local NetSuite partners and clients. It was great to meet such a large community.

9G: What new takeaways did you learn about NetSuite at the event?

SN: There are definitely a handful of takeaways that I took notes on about NetSuite. One that comes to mind is the number of bundles that are available that you have to go in, find, and turn on. NetSuite has so many capabilities that you just have to dive into it and learn more about it. Your approach should be where you envision your ideal situation and figure out if NetSuite can handle it. Most times it can.

9G: What advice would you give anyone considering adding NetSuite to their business?

SN: If you do take it on, know that it is a full-time project. It helps to have 1 or 2 people fully dedicated to the system because there is so much you can do with it, and you can’t learn it all in a few days or weeks.

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